Meet Udon, my new female ball python! Just got her yesterday.

Open to new name ideas

So apparently the Wikipedia guy came out with, which seems like an odd blend of Wikipedia, reddit, and facebook.

Has anybody taken a look at it? Any thoughts?

Also finally breaking out the big guns in . Sent my party to hell with a devil as their guide, sworn by contract to help them. Naturally their memory is wiped as to the details of the contract or what on earth brought them to hell.

Memory wipe is necessary though because the devil seems to be sworn to the party's paladin, who would definitely not make any deals willingly.

It's gonna be a fun little arc.

Finally grew a Carolina reaper with a spooky tail.

Overall my peppers have been doing really well and it's really satisfying


Painted my nails the other day and wow this is nice. Gotta find a better color, but it's nice considering my hands in a new light.

Now to work up the courage to actually wear nail polish in public....

Harvesting my first peppers!

I ate part of one (it's a cayenne) and it was pretty spicy

Just learned about Core War, a competitive assembly programming game. If I didn't have homework and grading to do, I'd waste a week easily on this

Went to a garden store to get some soil for my peppers. It's so pretty!

(The first photo has a bee in case you dislike bugs)

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Dear Game of Thrones fans. Please hide your responses on last nights episode behind CW's.
Sincerely fans from Europe who cannot watch it at air time which is 3 am, and are looking forward to watching it soon.

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"Free world building idea: Wizards have the same trust in magic that software designers have in software, which is to say, almost none at all."

My prep paid off.

Really long session, but we got a lot done! They met a powerful wizard who has odd requests (rats in the cellar, a dragon, and he wants his books organized)

There are plans to rob a bank, and a character is in jail for being chaotic stupid with good intentions. (He tried rescuing people but it looked like kidnapping... he's not tactful)

Looking forward to the next session.

Finally back to preparing for D&D! Got a lot of long term plans

(And a bunch of recently awoken, formerly petrified characters to introduce tomorrow!)



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