My biggest issue with Paradox is their games rely quite heavily on colours for giving you quick info about eg diplomatic relations, but they never have colourblind support.

Modders do it, but that doesn't mean the company should be ignoring it, and it is a load of bullshit that they do.

Ya know what I might play a minor character and try and get my dynasty to spread everywhere, instead of conquer everything.

Let's do that, in Scotland because why not.

I made a big mistake by continuing this game after having disabled CK2+, and now when I play with it enabled, things are fucked up.


I'm really bad for getting bored with scenarios quickly in CK2 and doing something else. I can't help but expand quickly etc

Now I really do not remember my first time watching it and that's either because I've seen it so often or because I passed out or something, but I think the combination of Mr Cole telling me about it and mum sitting with me as I watched it for the first time, telling me about how she watched it in the cinema when it was released, removed most of whatever it is that gets me about gore and horror in films

And I mean I was completely infected by how the teacher thought of the films.

According to mum I went on and on about it until eventually, while I was till 15, she sat down with me and we watched it

Obviously he wasn't allowed to show us the film, but he let us watch the opening of it right up until they start getting out of the sleepy pods

When I was like 15, in S3 of high school, I did this film study whatever thing with some friends and one of the English teachers. He went on and on about how Alien is an excellent example of setting tone and theme using zero dialogue, and how even the bringing in of the film's title does it

Considering the content of those films you might think it weird that I can watch them fine, even the god awful most recent one that I can't remember the name of so I'll call Prometheus Reloaded, but lemme explain

The Alien films are, legitimately, the only gory horror films I can watch and be unaffected by, and it kinda makes me sad that someone decided nah let's get rid of all that stuff

Xenomorph things Show more

Xenomorph things Show more

YA KNOW the worst thing about Alien vs Predator is the attempt to hammer the square pegs that are the xenomorphs into the round hole that is a BBFC 15 rating

Anyway, I need to do some shopping, and I did the Smart Thing by forgetting to go to the post office this morning so I can't withdraw any money until Monday wooo

Urf I created a titular empire and it also went agnatic, so I guess the bug lies in titles not inheriting gender succession laws.

I think when you switch between government types the title is briefly reloaded but I don't remember

Despite being 80, one handed, one legged, one eyed, I retain my youth. I am tall and strong beyond measure, both fair and imposing in feature and my voice makes all tremble. Not only do I rule the Finns, but the Norse and the Swedes too, my lands stretching from Trondheim to Novgorod.

I am a god, and this must be recognised. I have moved my capital to Uusimaa, and it has been renamed Jumalan Tyyneys ("God's Peace"), whereas our old capital of Ahvenanmaa (Åland Islands), my home for 80 years and where my father thought of the idea of the Kingdom of the Finns, has been named Synnyinpaikka, The Birthplace.

Aight so I can change it through save editing, which isn't ideal, but lets me keep playing the way I want to, which is fine!

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