It's taken me two and a half years in Japan to finally find good bacon for the one thing I've wanted for years and years.

A bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich

Who is your favourite European monarch, mine is Haakon VII of Norway who said fuck you to the Nazis and played an active and important role in the Norwegian resistance

Her experience is what I value, which is why I don't value Charles, William or Harry.

Hate the idea of the monarchy or not, the fact that she has to remain apolitical is good, and it's a very good idea to have an adviser to the PM who is also technically his boss and has also had 60 years of rule to call on for ideas.

I consider myself a republican but I mean, the Queen is the Queen. The ideal is doing away with it after she's gone but that's not likely.

Queen sounded quite ill in her speech so if uh anyone has any plans to "deal with" Charles it might be better to do it sooner rather than later

I'm going to make a game that requires whatever memory you have plus 1 MB, so we can go back to the "program too big to fit in memory" days.

Remember in Bee Movie when they executed that bee for treason

Samsung's not happy that you paid several hundred or thousands of pounds for a TV, they want to milk you for everything they can because fuck you

Ads in smart TVs are the most stupid thing if you're not being given the TV for free.

I get REAL bad FOMO when playing games with multiple paths and stuff

I finally got Divinity II and immediately ran into a problem.

I dunno who I want to play. I know I want to do my first playthrough as an Origin character, but I really dunno who, though my friend told me to save Fane, either as a main character or party character, until the second playthrough.


Again the issue is if I upgrade the CPU, which besides the SDD is all I really want to upgrade, I also need to upgrade the motherboard but blah blah blah.

The case it came in is all bent I should get a case first.

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