Wtf is this rustic or nostalgic, like 懐かしい感じ I get when doing stupid shit like using a microwave or kettle at a conbini

God I always spend far more in Tokyo than I intend to. It's like the city sucks money directly from your wallet when you're not looking

Why are they called air fryers when they're just fan ovens

I keep using もっこり when I meant ほっこり

The first is a bulge or a tent in something, with the apparent implication that it's caused by an erection.

The latter is "warm and fluffy"

Reddit, admins supporting hate 

Ghost in the Shell live action spoilers 

I finally watched the Ghost in the Shell movie.

Scarlett Johansson is a good actress. It was, for the most part, shot well. The music was good.

It felt so /flat/

Dunno if it's good or bad that I fall into old habits in Tokyo


Lol I'm saying shit like "only going to Tokyo". Life is fucking bizarre

Clearly it's traditional for me to not sleep properly the night before travelling.

EVEN THOUGH I'm only going to Tokyo it feels like I'm boarding the flight to the UK now. Which in actuality is on Thursday morning.

In good news today, my sister has a second interview for the Scotland Area Manager position with DEBRA, which is very very cool

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