I take an almost perverse pleasure in seeing how, when channels not explicitly aimed at children do reaction videos, those videos are nigh guaranteed to be the lowest viewed videos by far.

And yet people keeeeeep making them, and then put themselves making stupid faces in the thumbnail. I don't get it.

Huh, I was apparently approved for the Rakuten card like an hour after I applied, they'll be shipping it on Monday.


I've also not eaten at all today which probably isn't helping my mood, so let's make dinner

The rain has just been non-stop since about 8pm last night

So removing all adverts while supporting the creators I like helps the load times and makes me feel less bad about using an adblock

Because the thing is, even with the slow internet, I can still watch videos, they just don't buffer very fast. And the video quality obviously suffers but I mostly listen to music or videos where the visual component isn't needed at 1080p

On the plus side, I tried the card to renew YouTube Premium, finally, given how anal Google also is with payment methods, and it worked fine.

Applied for a Rakuten card. Again. If I don't get it well, then, fuck me royally.

Every other utility I can pay directly from the bank. Except internet. It makes zero sense. Do they want my fucking money or not

Mijica card arrived today, which is good. But when Asahi Net says pay with credit card, unlike everyone else they don't mean "or debit card", they mean "we're so anal you can use this one single payment method".

"A box without hinges, lock or key, yet I’ve golden treasure within me. What am I?" This is just a really bad rendition of a really good riddle from The Hobbit.

"A box without hinges, key or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid. What am I?"

BUT Metroid Prime 4 is in development, by Retro Studios, so maybe I can stop being really really god damn angry at the likes of Team Ninja for the travesty Other M was

It's just another mission to her, and she's so badass that this hasn't fazed her in the slightest

And she just goes "Yeah" and waves her goodbye, not turning around.

A large group of them including their leader are bowing to her as she leaves.

She's just saved an entire planet, defeating literal monstrosities. This species now views her as their saviour, without whom they would be extinct.

God I will say this until the end of time but the hand wave Samus gives at the very end of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is possibly the single greatest piece of characterisation given to a silent protagonist

I might have gotten myself into watching the Rebuild of Evangelion movies with some of the ES teachers but uh I'm not entirely certain

Had a 研究授業 today, which is where other teachers come and watch a lesson, so I'm going for dinner tonight with the teacher I was with for it to relax after it lol

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