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Heyyyy Witcher 3 on PS4 let's you switch the circle and X buttons.

Which is handy since why the default "confirm" button is X never made sense to me, it's in a weird position for it

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my favourite scp headcanon is that the foundation has somehow altered the properties of lungistic perception (there are a lot of skips that deal with conceptual space, etc, so it's not impossible) such that the acronym SCP has light cognitohazardous properties that cause you to not think about it too much

which is why all their front companies are like, Spicy Crust Pizza, S & C Plastics, Soap and Care Products,

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Downloading a software update for the PS4 and marvelling at the speed

Phone connected via wifi too now let's see if the PS4 and Switch do

Eyyyy I have internet now.

Except I can't connect my phone to it.

I'd be kinda pissed if I lived in the Speaker's constituency, considering they're not allowed to vote and for no reason other than "it's always been done" it's considered bad form to stand against the Speaker in an election

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While I don't know how you'd fix it, there must be a better solutions

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