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zecilys, reading all of her lines for the first time: "this is a mistake beyond mistakes"
mathiel: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

significantly one of my worser ideas, but hey

the nightman cometh except where aaron is the dayman, peraleus is the nightman, zecilys is the princess and mathiel is the troll

also the fucking genie lamp torch


this outfit is a mess and i love it

the aviators and fur fuckin EVERYWHERE really make this look lmfao

pvp look aka Big Flaming Gay (with smol judgmental baby bird on the back)

(except for when he goes all Slenderbun on us

which in that case i will CW because it Scares me personally lmao)

I find myself mildly worried that the phrasing of Bun Hell can also be misinterpreted for Taffy Hell, which I want to make the distinction right now that my bun nephew is entirely wholesome and always safe for work and i know we're all adults here but I HAVE TO MAKE THE DISTINCTION FOR MY NEPHEW's SAKE ((NOT TO SAY YOU NEED TO DO THAT ONE...but if you wanted 2 know which one makes me think of u....this is it...) WOW Im almost forget: THE EMOJI MEME

stares slowly @ 🌸: draw a character with flowers that match their personality and then stares @ u

There's someone on Adagio teas who made Guild Wars 2 themed teas and FULL DISCLOSURE as a tea addict I initially SCOFFED at the idea of fandom teas back when they got real big in 2012




YOU KNOW WHAT sav peeps fuckin leopolds was overrated and I still miss the shit out of that place

me everytime I speak to someone on the internet who's not from france

sGHL my coworker just sent me this gif without comment and im cRYING....THE LAST DINOSAUR....... WALKS NO MORE.........

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omg I've hit the stupid threshold of the night where I just want to stay up and draw but there is Very Clearly Work Tomorrow and I Will Die If I Don't Immediately Get Ready For Bed Now

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