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Rix Scaedu @rix_scaedu@tootplanet.space

This morning is warmer than the last few days have been - because it's raining out.

We have another Clancy and Pae'kura update for my patrons over on Patreon. patreon.com/posts/19426714

It was not.

I cried, in the appropriate place for me to be triggered by tragic romance stuff.

Off to see my third movie in just over a week!

Will it be three for three heist movies?

9 degrees Celsius and 97% humidity.

This came out of @aldersprig's latest in her series of Thimbleful Thursday prompt's, Rotten to the Core. I have, you may note, completely missed the 100 word target, and I don't care. :) It will be available for non-Patrons in three days.


The character is finding out how unwell he was....

I should start calming down for bed, and not start writing the descriptions of those two characters....

@aldersprig @Anke I have a young male character, family name of Anddes. Scifi/space opera setting and I think he's about to need a given name. Suggestions?

Also, work today? It wasn't my computer, but any screen message that starts of along the lines of "Operating system can not be found" is not good.

Urggh! There was a big, fat, complacent rat in my laundry.

I admit it was well groomed in appearance, from what I saw.

As we do not have pet rats, I have put out more rat poison.

Current fanfic thoughts running in my head: "It's 9th century vibranium - it probably has an on switch."

For those of you who are interestes, there is another piece of Clancy and Pae'kura up here patreon.com/posts/18638271

I have posted what is probably a fanfic, although there are no spoilers, here rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/302, here rix-scaedu.dreamwidth.org/1057, and here patreon.com/posts/18635731

My thanks to @postulate who provided me with the push I needed to pick a character's name.

Would anyone like to suggest an initial for the family name of an evil organisation thug that isn't A, H, or S?

Thank you.

The crockpot is working and I'm off to write Nai.

So, the hero wants to kiss the heroine for something she just said, but It Would Not Be A Good Idea. May need to add another comment phrase from him. *hmm*