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Rix Scaedu @rix_scaedu@tootplanet.space

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@aldersprig Renovation toot prompt from a patron - refound in the ashes.

How many people's first visit to a Wakandan outreach centre is going to be because they've heard about the hover cycles?

Three junvenile brush turkeys in my garden. They are a protected species, but any attempts at a 10 ft high incubation mound will be met with a rake.

If today is any indication, my last few months knee problems could be down to the wrong shoes.

If today's improvemntn continues, I may buy a second pair next payday - while they have them and so the relief lasts.

And because @aldersprig was a responsible adult and pointed out what was missing to me, here ar the links to the 15th tale of the Apocalypse Bingo:


Thank you Lyn - day job and travel is obviously eating my practical brain.

Here is my 15th tale of the Apocalypse Bingo. Ten more to go.

More Clancy and Pae'kura for my patrons over on Patreon patreon.com/posts/16913915

It's 3:00am here (yes, my sleep pattern is stuffed), late summer, and I've just been outside. The (semi) country night is not silent, The cicadas are gone but the night is full of insect noise. Also the squeaky-balloon alarm calls of the bandicoot who thinks I'm dangerous.

Off to write some Nai, and have breakfast.

My new clothes drying rack is assembled, loaded, and hopefully positioned so that the clothes don't allow the prevailing wind to push it down the verandah like a galleon under sail.

The Offspring's car keys are locked in his car. It is in front of the garage where my car is.

Road side assistance from the motoring group we belong to is on the way. 'Locked out of your vehicle' is on their phone menu.

There is more Clancy and Pae'kura over on Patreon for my patrons.

I need some vote for 1 or 4.

We have a two number face off tonight, folks.

And sleeping, because work tomorrow

For the Apocalypse Bingo I am requesting votes as to which of three posts I write tomorrow, or what order I write them in. Voting is here rix-scaedu.dreamwidth.org/1033 or here patreon.com/posts/16670340