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I was going to do the washing up and then have a shower, but now we are having another thunderstorm and I think I will wait till it has passed....

Electrocution being a bad look, and all that.

"Que Tzu and Madam Cai" is the first piece from my September prompt request and can be found in these three places: rix-scaedu.dreamwidth.org/1100, rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/306, and patreon.com/posts/21266224

Okay, I am opening a prompt request for September. It can be found here rix-scaedu.dreamwidth.org/1096

For those of you who are my Patrons on Patreon, there is a new piece of Clancy and Pae'kura up for you to read here patreon.com/posts/21131533.

Any one else who would like to join us is most welcome.

coastal Carolinas equivalent?

It tends to be played out doors in winter, I think . At least, they were playing when I was playing competition hockey. I think they might be building a higher profile these days too.

It is very popular. I didn't play myself but lots of people do.

Work, playing games in my down time and trying to write. Also having the leaks fixed

For my patorns on Patreon, there is more Clancy and Pae'kura. patreon.com/posts/20692047

If you are one of my patrons on Patreon, another episode of Clancy and Pae'kura is up. patreon.com/posts/20215464

That's alright, it seemed like a good idea.

Also on Dreamwidth, so then Livejournal and Twitter.

I recommend The Broken Bargain by @aldersprig if you like boarding schools, fantasy/steampunk and teens. It can be found here edallyacademy.com/category/sto

I cannot recommend spilling the fat from a roasting pan onto the floor.


Hermione and the girl with the crab shell in the same cy'ree?