I want to quit facebook (and instagram) for good. What are some strategies that people have for keeping up with local events without it?

I'm just so fucking tired of negativity

I spend a lot of time thinking and talking to people about media. I used to think I was above pop culture but then I grew up.

Anyway the common thread I see in most places is that nothing is ever good enough. You can't even be excited about things without someone telling you that you're wrong.

Fuck that.

Enjoy things.

Recognize problematic elements, of course, but don't ignore everything that doesn't 100% match your worldview.

Enjoy things.

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Things are a little tight right now so if anyone wouldn't mind throwing me some change for my bullshit just to get me thru to the next paycheck that'd be great :blobcat:

Take a nice long shower or bath. Let the water loosen your muscles and your mind.

seriously, lets all stop saying "climate change" and instead say "climate crisis" because, really, at this point that is justified, innit

Hey the City of London is doing this survey asking people whether they think trans people should have basic human rights. If you can please fill it out because TERFs are trying to use it against us:

pls boost also

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So what do you all think will be the long-term effects of the Facebook stock crash?

problem with internet friends: they all live so far away and so we can't help each other find "normal" jobs cause we're outside spheres of influence for that bullshit for each other

"It is now possible to capture images from the ground at visible wavelengths that are sharper than those from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope... To compensate for the blurring effect of the Earth’s atmosphere, four brilliant lasers project columns of intense orange light into the sky, creating artificial 'Laser Guide Stars'. Adaptive optics systems use the light from these β€œstars” to determine the turbulence and calculate corrections 1000 times per second." πŸ”­ eso.org/public/news/eso1824/

modern technology enabling you to relive your boring life forever

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Human systems changed and broken /by/ humans can and will be repaired and changed back and fixed by other humans. And kinder monsters, and just now stirring dormant dragons, the better beasts of our natures.

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