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I'm salmon, I'm based in London, and I'm a trainee science teacher. I will gladly talk about space, , sci-fi, and my latest adventures.

(boosts very much appreciated by the way, I'd really like to try out a alt as my main account)

just logged on and tootplanet is moving and now I need to move?? damn, just as I was getting comfy.
(on that note, if anyone on here can hook me up with a invite I'd really appreciate it)

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I have the sudden and deep desire to take part in a long-distance D&D sorta thing (why? who knows), so if any of you are DMs and want a flaky and inexperienced player, gimme a shout xD

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here's the thing about telling people to CW things:
1. CWs literally, logically cannot be a one-size-fits-all, universal norm. Humans are not limited to needing warnings for "predictable" subjects, or any small/reasonable set of things, at all. any aspect of a traumatic memory can become retraumatizing; my go-to example is someone who pointed out they're triggered by schoolbuses. should everyone, everywhere CW photos of schoolbuses? I don't think so! it's impractical, and how are the vast majority of people supposed to figure out that's a thing?

But if someone in your circles asks you to CW schoolbuses, you can certainly CW schoolbuses. CW conventions CAN be effective when tailored for the needs of a specific community, but this means CW conventions Need to be different between different groups. why?

2. Attempts to be exhaustive about CWs aren't just logically doomed to fail, they're inaccessible.
a. If the rate of CWs is too high, people's ability to make decisions gets overloaded.

I've started playing Baba Is You and it's honestly so good.

Today was my first day back teaching after the break. So far:
Pros: it was actually really good to see my students again and get back into it after the holidays, also tomorrow Year 7 have to tell me their favourite bone in the human body
Cons: I arrive at school when it's dark, leave school when it's dark, and only see the sun through the classroom windows. Also, I wanna go to sleep at 7pm. Winter is annoying.

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"I wish to return this time machine."
"It is not accurate!"
"The circuits are calibrated to-"
"I mean what it shows is not accurate!"
"Women warriors wielding swords!"
"Yes? Documented in-"
"Black people in Europe!"
"Yes, there has always-"
"Not accurate!"
"It is."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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housing, weird landlords 

unpleasant family emotions, anxiety, homophobia 

Today's the last day of term! I've officially survived first term of teacher training!
Greatest achievements so far:
- told year 7 all about Rosalind Franklin, and they of their free will put her in their posters over Watson & Crick
- was honest with my tutors about health, appointments, & when I needed extensions
- convinced year 9 that redox reactions were a "Christmas lesson", and it... actually kind of worked?

work & anxiety talk 

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free affirmations, take as many as you need 💜

work & anxiety talk 

I know it's the middle of the month, but—showing off my December spreads, bc I was really happy with them.

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[cw: mentions of homophobia, racism, ableism] 

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combating internalised ableism, mild ableist language 

[cw: anxiety talk, dreams, homophobia?] 

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