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Ciel, also called Sky

Be the human you want to be.

Unless you can be a fluffy, colorful, sparkly dragon, then *heavily* consider being a fluffy, colorful, sparkly dragon.

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"That's a girly cocktail" oh you mean a female-presenting tipple?

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you a moment of reprieve or relief. ✨

Merlin had a duvet day yesterday. Even familiars need to recharge sometimes.

look at these golden plover chicks ahhhhhhhhhhh

hearing people talk about things they like is so fucking good even if i dont understand

Here's some more of my #druid from my first post. She's a high elf nelfaboo who is just doing her best -- but not succeeding, so she grows mold on everything she touches

#warcraft #mastoart

for years "mods are asleep" has been a joke relic from the forum days but the fediverse brings us to an era where the mods can let you know that they're awake by boosting your "mods are asleep" joke and then you can scold them to go to bed because you know their timezone and this isn't healthy

broke: leaving tumblr, posting your content on a less hostile platform
woke: perturbing your porn using gradient descent to minimize the NSFW score per


Its right there! In the artbook! How has like nobody on the internet mentioned it??

One thing that's really helped me with feeling overwhelmed by tasks in is to structure daily logs by putting a box below the date with a title line ("tasks") and then three rows and three columns. It gives me a stopgap after nine tasks to see if I'm planning too much into my day, and sort of cordons off that space in the daily log so it doesn't take over the journaling.

Saturday morning with the familiar. Important bonding ritual to keep the magic strong.

when describing things I've done, I use the phrase "that wasn't a plan so much as just what happened" far too often.