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My gender, anatomy 

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My gender 

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My gender 

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My gender 

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Did a little writing for the first time in ages. Anna and Michelle are still pretty hard to get a grasp on, but I"m getting there.

My To-Dos are all still labeled normally but, well, flavor-naming stuff takes a lot of brainpower... meh.

"Reading the news" is now "Word from Arylon" (the dancer character who gives you info)~

Updated my Habitica dailies and habits and renamed them all after Final Fantasy I stuff~. Unconsciously picked White Mage spells for like everything, only to realize that jives /so/ well with my Habitica class being Healer.

Wait... what if I did Khan Academy for concepts I already know in languages where I don't yet know the concept-relevant grammar/vocab?

@InspectorCaracal I think you were talking about this earlier, but for some reason a lot of posts from vulpine club don't appear in my feed and a lot of messages from vulpine clubbers appear as DMs?

I really want to play this now... I drafted up a character who basically does this but it's hard in a party that doesn't want to do this.

Wait... a D&D game could be just figuring out what's making monsters attack/act weird and figure out solutions to stop them without killing them.

Hmm. Looks like I already have my future log laid out through June. (In the first style on that page.) Seems a bit silly to do a yearly log on top of that. I think I'll add little calendars to them, though, that sounds like a good idea. And I guess I'll lay out July-December.

Carefully de-linted a piece of fabric for a sewing project, only to flip it back over and find it had picked up even more lint from the surface I was resting it on. *raises eyebrow* really mostly I just do the feast bread, coffee and oranges and try to do things I'd like to do during the new year, in the hopes it will shape the year to include them.

Though I just count Christmas presents as the gift given and try to theme those appropriately.... or at least the one for Rabbit - gifts that shape the year together in front of you.

Happy New Year's Eve! Today I enjoy celebrating a holiday from a book (Mindtouch) - Maker's Day, where you make the shape of the new year. ...I feel kind of embarrassed to admit that.

Oh! There's three episodes of Bookworm I didn't realize were out yet!

Watched one tonight and omg

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