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Ciel, also called Sky

"Want to come in," the first dragon said, "and see my hoard of gold?"
"You still sleep on gold?" said the other.
"So what are you on, Bitcoin?"
"Hardly. I hoard pillows."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

Maybe I should label the privacy settings in my CWs so that when it crossposts to Twitter, people know if it's worth trying to click through... hm.

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I am still so confused that I want short hair. Also, what do you do about the back of your neck being cold? I last had it short somewhere steaming hot.

On an unrelated note, the cats extended their bed truce last night to maximize snuggles and ended up sleeping right next to each other. O.O That's a huge step for them. I remember when one used to get upset just at the other being in the same room.

I feel bad for posting about gender stuff so constantly... (I'm in a lengthy adjustment/self-discovery period and it's just been on my mind a lot... and also, I both appreciate the friends/acquaintances who've talked more about this and also kind of wish people had talked/would talk more.)

(I of course apply these ridiculous standards to no one else. *rolls eyes at self and moves on*)

...anyone have a box for me to shove my "but I haven't done anything medical so I might not meet this person's expectations of a 'real' transmasc person oh god I've made this all up and I'm definitely fake and..." crap into?

*gets out a moving box and resolves to "accidentally" leave it behind in the move*

(Also oh my fucking word referring to myself as femme is WAY MORE COMFORTABLE when "girl" is not the implied carry-along.)

She responded to me saying "the butch catgirl and femme catboy finally meet!" with "It's meowstiny!" XD

This morning I was chatting on OKC with this cute butch girl <333 who hasn't stumbled at all on using masculine referents for me and keeps making cat puns. I think I need to meet her.

People who slide seamlessly into using the right pronouns and referents are life.

"Would you like a gift receipt for that?"
Anyway, bought some hair clippers.

Petition to make it legally required to offer the same mechanisms to cancel something as were offered to sign up for it >.<

I'll trade eternal "she" for insta flat chest with maintained nursing and sensation powers, any wizards listening? (Actually, knowing how this has gone so far, one thing taken care of would make the other feel worse...)

I managed to say "he" in response to "she" once! ...I don't think he heard me. Ah, well, it isn't bothering me much with the classmates for whatever reason.

There must be a way to bottle how tired you feel when you wake up in the morning.

So that you could take some at night when you struggle to fall asleep.