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Ciel, also called Sky

@natecull Incidentally, you can refer to surveillance Capitalism as a "stalk market"

The hedgehogs are surprisingly fond of lamb flavour cat food

Which has of course given me the mental image of a prickle of hedgehogs chasing and utterly failing to bring down a sheep

I found these mushrooms sprouting from a picnic table. All other tables now seem inferior.

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You’ve never been able to form emotions on your own, but you have the ability to steal them from people. One day while talking to someone, you feel an emotion that you did not steal.
#writingprompts #writing

When your transition goals is to be an androgynous, pretty guy

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If you want a learning AI model to not spout junk then you need to give it parent figures.

The problem with learning AI models is people assume full automation when like, nobody learns like that, you learn by information *and feedback* via authority figured

when I use the "X in the streets, Y in the sheets" construction, the sheets I'm talking about are in Excel

(The working title was Men Without Souls, but Mickey has lifted a very pointed eyebrow at me over that, and Those sounds about as good.)

(Book one, meanwhile, has gone through many, many titles and still hasn't settled on one. Much less a cover.)

Which is probably going to end up being called Those Without Souls instead of Soul Food, it's got a nice ring to it.

Help, I have a really good cover idea for book 3, of all books, even though I'm editing book /one/.