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Ciel, also called Sky

The puzzle to get to Stoneship is far easier than I remembered. Poor kid me had such a hard time with it... adult me is like "wtf they basically give you the answer".

Hit my first Age in Myst. Gotta admit, Stoneship is eerie. Especially after reading about the friendly people and clear skies... coming to a storm-tossed, darkened, abandoned place.

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Another crack at that new PC! I decided to go fighter with her, since that's another thing I've never played.

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The score for the THX “Deep Note” sound, made public for the first time after 35 years:


“In case anyone is wondering, you would have to move towards the access point at roughly 621.5 kilometers per second in order to doppler-shift Wi-Fi channel 1 into channel 2.”

Monster Genetics 0.3.0 has been released, now featuring plants, social values, and aggression! Many thanks to @InspectorCaracal for contributing many of the new features to this release.
Download here:

T.T a shop usually out of my price range had a big enough discount to hit my range, but their fit in the pretty patterns (that were SO PERFECT) was far too awkward in all the feminine body ways And this after successfully braving "A /men's/ shirt?" questions! Alas.

At least I have become far less bothered by those. They used to make me panic, and now I'm just like "Yeah[, and?]"

Sometimes I look in the mirror and some bits of me look like /me/ and it is very nice.

(I know that doesn't work with the later games, but I still think it would make the first game better and that the resulting divergences for the later games would've still been cool.)

Instead first game's MC is, like, some random guy? With no attachment to any character? And with /just/ enough of an opening cutscene to establish he's a guy when they really coulda/shoulda left it vaguer, since you otherwise don't see him.

I kind of wish the main character of Myst was actually Catherine. Certain things would be less mysterious to her, but that's mostly compensated by her having previously refused to visit most of the worlds if I'm reading the in-game books right. And then there'd be more emotional attachment to her decision of whether to free either of her sons.

It's weird looking at all the parts of the game that scared me as a kid. Especially the ambient background sounds.

And I really have forgotten all the puzzles! Even if I know the ending. So it's like playing fresh.

Wowwwwww going back and playing Myst is so cool. And this version allows free movement instead of stationary screens and time passes on the island so the sun is setting omg