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Finally, things seem to start moving in the right direction:

Meet @forgefed, an ActivityPub / Federation protocol for networked version control services like GitHub or GitLab.

musing on my past sense of self-worth 

Save this toot to send back to me when my hubris is my downfall, of course. But I’m not letting that dampen my happiness tonight.

I just need to emphasise how good it feels to consider myself *really good* at a skill/occupation for possibly the first time in my life. (Specifically now it’s theatre lighting programming.) There’s definitely more areas to learn and develop, but at the scale of shows I’m doing at the moment, I feel more capable than I ever have at *anything*. I’m elated.

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Furthermore, while both packets contain 250g, the Qld packet is significantly shorter. Is it because of different shape, density or both? Tune in next episode!


Literally a good 50% of my annoyance at being kind of broke at the moment is not being able to donate to people on here who need it as readily.

The second photo hints at my programming setup. I have a laptop running ETC Eos lighting software, a customised Cherry POS matrix keyboard for lighting functions, an external 15” USB-C touch monitor, my iPad Pro with touch surface controls I’ve designed, and the newest addition, a DIY 2-encoder OSC control surface. Here’s a clearer photo from today, and one from a few months ago showing my expanded setup with extra monitor when I have the room for it.

Day 3. We plotted, teched and rehearsed Act I. About 70 cues. The LD turned out to be a pretty chill guy after all, and I felt very capable of keeping up and fixing everything that went wrong. It’s nice after some anxious days leading up to feel like I’m doing the thing I love, and really good at it. Very hard to take phone camera photos with the quantity of light this designer is using - the dynamic range is crazy.

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@pbandkate the Rojavan revolution has been the greatest leftist project of the 21st century, and I feel confident in making that claim. there are other cool things going on out there like the neo-zapatistas in Mexico, but Rojava has been something special in it's defiant stand and transformation of society. it's also been an internationalist effort with people from the world over dying to defend it

I’m glad people liked seeing this! I’ll try to remember to take more photos today.

Day 2 of Conservatorium Opera. I was flat out working today and forgot multiple times to actually take photos of any lighting stuff. But here’s the UV paint in action! It’s invisible under normal stage lights, showing the pastoral backdrop painted underneath.

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well folks. It's time. This is my favorite poem I've ever written. In fact, I got a tiny little reputation at my school for it. I hope to perform it at some slam poetry competitions someday, so you might see it online! This is the special uncut version for y'all. Please give it some love!

"To The Best-Selling Abled Authors Who Love to Write About Disability"

Woah this bus must have interestingly polarised windows?? My bag looks all purple through my sunglasses (pic 2) when it’s definitely dark blue (pic 1), and that doesn’t normally happen wearing them!

Great, the trains are predictably cancelled for trackwork the one day I really needed to move quickly.

Superglue accelerator is like a deal with the devil. It’s magical and makes life better, but smells indescribably bad.

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Genie: You have ONE WISH.

Me: Alright, I have one, but it's very detailed.
Genie: As long as it is only one wish, you're allowed to spend as much time as you want detailing it.

Me: Alright, here we go. *Grabs notebook and takes a deep breath* The key words MUST, MUST NOT, REQUIRED, SHALL, SHALL NOT, SHOULD, SHOULD NOT, RECOMMENDED, MAY, and OPTIONAL are to be interpreted as described in [RFC2119].

Genie: Wait, is that...?

Me: *Flips notebook* Chapter 1. Preamble.

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