My love is doing her uni work at the kitchen table with soft music on while I cook dinner for us. It’s nice to appreciate these moments.

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Wrote up a readme for my bash project so I could actually make the repo public -- it needs some other things before I'm ready to go spreading it around, but that was an important step I've been putting off for a while.

So now that I’m aware that a 10” flexible epaper display is something I could own, I desperately want a project I can use it for.

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Reminded that I hate webdev as I have to put shims in to support weird browser nonsense already despite this being a placeholder site with 2 words on it lol

Doesn’t everyone order microSD cards by the kilogram?

I haven’t yet looked at the mastodon source (ruby is one of few programming languages I’m not familiar with and I haven’t gotten around to it) but I was wondering, does it have a plugin system? It feels like it should. Lots of instances seem to be running various forks to add minor features, many of which are reimplemented/borrowed across multiple forks. It feels like having hooks and plugins would be an easier way to add a variable set of modifications as you want them?

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TIL my unfiltered response to getting sirred is now just “oh _come_ on” while barely looking up from my phone

and I kind of like whatever that says about my current relationship with my gender (if not about my level of Niceness)

Annoyingly, the touchscreen on the brand-spankin-new $2000 lighting console is faulty. In for warranty repair, sigh. But I’ve made good progress getting the lights put together and mounted. Some assembly required indeed!

I just discovered the most cursed toilet paper dispenser in history. Prepare yourself.

Today’s work is like Christmas come early! I get to unwrap and set up 20 new lighting fixtures for a high school. I specced and arranged purchasing of a lighting rig for their new performance space over six months ago, but various bureaucratic hurdles delayed the installation.

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@eightbitsamurai It's just 90 minutes of Neo and Trinity saying "the red pill was based on premarin. Being red-pilled is a transgender metaphor" to the screen over and over.

Now I have a 4 character domain I need to decide what single character to use for email address. Still mad that programmers over the years have filled the internet and their code with dumb assumptions about email addresses when  ”\\NULL#@порф.accounting is a valid email address.

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thinking about the one time a really low budget garfield show lost footage of part of an episode, so they just re-recorded footage of their rendering software

So should be up and going soon once the Icelandic NIC gives the go-ahead.

It’s important to own one’s faults, so I must report openly to you that I have spent some money ($50) on a vanity domain that I don’t need at all. However, in my defence, it’s 4 characters (plus dot). In 2019. So I feel it’s kinda justified.

Shit I just realised this could actually *work*. In a terrible, very bad way. If the equipment draws <~20W, and has a universal AC converter with a wide input voltage range, then 48V DC across the live and neutral could actually quite likely end up supplying correctly to the device. I feel dirty now.

Hey uh so how cursed is this sick cable I made

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