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Our friend Chris finally did a write-up of his 16 core Z80 alternate future cyberdeck, and it is absolutely beyond bonkers:

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Welcome to your 2019 What You've Listened To Showcase!

This year you've spent 1,873 hours listening to Your Own Brain "Spinning Worst Case Scenarios When You Just Want to Sleep"!

Wow! Click here to tell Your Own Brain "Thanks!"

You know what is a goal I never knew I had until right now? I want to run an underground queer cinema. Hard drive space is cheap and torrents are good. Everybody come round to my place, chip in a few bucks to pay for the projector and speakers. Queer films, anarchist films, foreign films, hollywood films, TV show marathons, whatever. Subtitles and audio description whenever anyone wants. Wouldn’t that be sick?


slightly lewd electronics joke 

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@o0karen0o My wife has an insulin pump and the hard coded proprietary algorithms simply don't work for her, rendering the auto-mgmt features of a $10,000 medical device useless to us. I wrote more about it here.

It has come to my attention that you can buy many varieties of tiny Lemo connector clones on AliExpress and I am deeply concerned on behalf of my bank account.

The ErgoDox looks like a good medium of being split to help my wrists, but not being bowled so hopefully a little less odd to convert to. I can get PCBs for it for like AU$25 (or $50 with ENIG) and switches and everything else < $60. And I can laser cut or CNC mill an acrylic case.

Send help, I'm getting stuck in the vortex of looking at maybe DIYing a mechanical keyboard

slight OHS spoilers, analysis, trans experience 

slight OHS spoilers, analysis 

mention of past negative mental health, transition 

mention of past negative mental health, transition 

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Mental health mention 

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she can code AND she punches nazis? she's the woman of my dreams, john

Spent a little while tonight repairing the automatic light from in my wardrobe. It had stopped working automatically, but would light in the manual setting. Opened up the covers over the phototransistors and checked them, they seemed fine. Measured the switch, and aha, intermittent high resistance on the auto position. Replaced it with a similar but 2 throw switch, so it works only as off or auto now. Successful repair!

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Running a VM straight off a mounted NAS drive
You wish you were on my level

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