So today I noticed the Sigur Rós store has moved to Warner Music and removed all their album digital downloads that were available, free and paid. So this is a reminder to everyone that international licensing deals just wipe music and art off the internet all the time with no warning. Own! Your! Music! Streaming services are nice for discovering new music but they pay nothing to artists, and it can all be taken away instantly unless you own and store the files yourself.

2/ When I find music I like, I look at 1. The artist’s website 2. Bandcamp 3. online store (also in other countries). Zdigital is a great site with CD-quality or HQ MP3 of albums directly downloadable and instant PayPal payment. It’s more expensive than direct from artist because it is paying through the evil licensing conglomerates, but at least it provides DRM-free files that you own and can use how you like.

3/ I take my downloaded files, convert their formats with fle:ac or Max if needed (I use Apple Lossless but that’s a whole rabbit hole). Then I import into Yate, a great customisable Mac app for people who care about their music metadata. I make sure the album art and all metadata fields are set up right, then copy it onto my NAS. I also keep a backup of the original download Zip for every album in case I accidentally delete files.

4/ when it’s on my NAS, I use an rsync script to copy the whole library to a 128GB microSD for my Walkman. Most people don’t want another device just for music like I do, but I also use the DS Audio app from synology to stream my music anywhere, but from my own home server!

5/ I recognise that my setup is expensive ($2000 for NAS and Walkman even before buying music). But there are much cheaper ways to do the same. And by buying direct from the artist where you can, you help them stick it to the Man (the Label cos), and your music can’t just disappear because some rich asshole decided to squeeze more money for himself.

@sophistoche A good reminder.

I buy all my music on disc, or in a lossless open format in the rare cases that's available.

The quality on a CD is always lossless, I always have a copy no one can delete or take away, and I can do whatever I want with it.

Additionally, one can always sell trade, donate, give away, or buy used discs.

@michelamarie CDs are fine as a source medium but I don’t have the space to store them, or a local shop that’ll have ones of my more eclectic tastes. ZDigital is great as an online store with a massive catalogue that sells CD quality FLACs online without DRM and at the same price or below of a physical CD. So actually better for me.

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