Mike's one piece of advice for new Mastodon users - dive into that Federated column and follow ANYONE and EVERYONE who looks like they've posted anything at all interesting to you. Just hammer the button. There's no penalty for mistakes. Go wild.

Later, when your Home timeline is buzzing, go in and unfollow people you decide you're not enjoying so much now.

Then do that again a few times. Then some more. Forever.

@mike with the caveat to read bios before hitting follow — it’s considered polite and some accounts have restrictions on who they’re comfortable being followed by.

@sophistoche well yeah, but also I think it's important for new people to be a bit less hesitant to just mash that follow button to get started. I see a vast amount of users who just seem to expect something to magically happen all by itself and just wander off when it doesn't.


@mike absolutely, but in my circles that’s liable to get you blocked immediately by plenty of people.

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