PSA for European, North American and other northern-hemisphere dwellers:
Please don’t use the four-season cycle to measure time when posting or writing! Seasons are totally different in the Southern Hemisphere, and even different countries disagree on when they start and end (solstices or months). Christmas here is in summer, or more accurately on the border of Parradowee and Burral in the Dharawal 6-season cycle (because applying European seasons here is imperialist bullshit).

@LunaDragofelis @sophistoche I believe the idea here is to use things like "this september" instead of "this fall".

@InspectorCaracal @LunaDragofelis exactly. Seasons are meteorologically at least somewhat consistent. But when an American says “this fall” this is my thought process: “wait, when’s that? Hmm okay so fall is spring but like half a month forward, so um, November October September, okay right somewhere after the middle of September?”
The irony being that because seasons aren’t used here for time much, I have to think hard about when they are meant to be calendar-wise just to translate.


you can expect the vast mass of people living north of the equator to consider this. i guess.

personally, i'd be happy if the two countries still using Imperial measurements (U.S. and Liberia) joined the rest of us in using Metric.

@sophistoche Thank you for saying this
I hadn't considered the 4 seasons being colonialist bullshit (and white), but things that annoy me include "media released this fall!" (fall is autumn, is that round March? no, 'cause hemispheres, Spring, September-ish? (and that's still a 3-month period, isn't that annoyingly vague for northerns too?)

Or when people seem to think halloween is in autumn or christmas in winter for everyone, or wish people a happy *pagan holiday and it's friggen not.

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