Just a reminder to my followers to please CW US politics, (and other politics too). If you want to boost a toot about it that isn’t CW’d, please instead reply to the toot, and put a CW on the reply, so I can choose to view its thread or not.

@sophistoche I find it difficult if a member of an oppressing/discriminating group asks for politics to be "left out". I see it as basking in the privilege of not having to deal with politics for sheer survival because it is in favor of them on expense of the discriminated.

@carl I understand that and agree. However consider: I am Australian, not American. I have my own fucked-up national & local politics to deal with, that doesn’t get splashed all over their feeds or media. I don’t think it’s unfair to expect the same in return despite America considering itself the centre of the world. Also, I’m queer, and my mental health gets shat on by constantly hearing about people who want me hurt & dead. Privilege is intersectional.

@sophistoche I hear you. How are we going to break privilege then?

@carl by doing what we can to form support systems and communities as far away from the sway of capitalist, imperialist society as possible.

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