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I have a web comic called Fairy Play. You can find it here:
It is about a group of five humans stolen by fairies. Of the main five, two are autistic like me, one is a lesbian, one is gay, one is asexual, one is questioning. Each page is captioned panel by panel.

This time, the improvised lullaby had to be about Buzz Lightyear fighting a dinosaur, a dragon, a cat, and a lobster.

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I'm not getting anything past this kid. He keeps asking about the knit octopus, and I've been hiding it for weeks. I tell him it's hiding and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

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...16 stitches...

Row 1: P 10 sts
Row 2: CO 3 sts, K to end
Row 3: CO 3 sts, k to end
Rows 4-35: stockinette for 32 rows


On a related note, she says to knit 10 stitches flat for 36 rows then use mattress stitch up the side to make the arms, but I'm Not Doing That.

I'm calling out Cilla of ravelry for knitting a strip and then sewing it up instead of knitting a tube. Please learn to knit on the round. Double pointed needles aren't just for i-cord.

Just a little boy beeping around with a flamingo.

This odd, knitted peanut is actually going to be a sloth/slakoth: another of the pokemon I'm knitting.

We found this great flamingo at a thrift store, for a Valentine's gift to my son. He likes that it is pink and carnivorous and wants it to eat his dad.

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