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Let Sleeping Beauties Lie (Serialized Short Story) 1/2 

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@Heliodora If laptops don't have cases they'll start using opium to stop from getting bored.

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Tusky? You fools, that's just the name of the app, the actual social network is called... GNU/Tusky or as I've recently taken to calling it GNU Plus Tusky.

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I sold my soul to Disney. Which is not too bad actually, because it will take ages before it becomes public domain and the devil can claim it.

On misskey: What's the visibility for 'anyone can see it on my profile, but it won't go to the local/global timelines? Home?

At this point I'd just say fuck it and move back to, except I can't export my posts here.

Unless the built in 'Move to a different account' option also moves the posts and followers in one go?

Ok, it never seems to finish via the web interface, but I think I managed to export it using this: ?

Except, I think not? It did export the statuses into a .json, but exported it into a .tar.gz, so I don't think I can import this...

Also I don't even find a way to import posts in misskey.

How did y'all do this? I'm totally lost...

Ok, I think I found how to export and import the posts. It's generating them now.

So how do you migrate from mastodon to misskey?

I don't see the option to export posts in mastodon and I don't see the option to import them in misskey.

Also I don't see how you do the send follow request to everyone who followed you before thing.

Ooh. We're moving to Misskey? It's not just an experiment? :/

Share it with an internal address, but enter the external unknown email getting it to actually stay and then switch to the share with external option seems to to work.


Psyduck actually comes from 'psychopathic duck' not from 'psychic duck', because they have a complete lack of empathy and they'll manipulate, use, dismiss and even murder you without any qualms.

And Alice in Wonderland is all about nonsense, Jacob's Ladder is all about this guy's psyche and what all of this is and means and, well, yes in Wizard of Oz it's stupid.

But the point is this is not at all a 'common trope' and people complaining about it are full of crap.

"Don't you hate it when a book turns out to have been a dream all along?"

What are you even talking about, that barely ever happens!

It's literally just Alice In Wonderland, Wizard of Oz and Jacob's Ladder.

Step 1: personal property
Step 2: private property
Step 3: no property only renting
Step 4: massive profit

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