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Let Sleeping Beauties Lie (Serialized Short Story) 1/2 

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@Heliodora If laptops don't have cases they'll start using opium to stop from getting bored.

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Tusky? You fools, that's just the name of the app, the actual social network is called... GNU/Tusky or as I've recently taken to calling it GNU Plus Tusky.

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I sold my soul to Disney. Which is not too bad actually, because it will take ages before it becomes public domain and the devil can claim it.

*watching some pre-season 5 GoT scenes*

Man, this show was good.

A James Randi like figure in a world with real magic where instead the million dollar challenge is to prove magic is in any way useful; you show him what your magic can do and then he goes away for a month and comes back with a better, more efficient, non-magical way of doing the same thing.

some malaphors I think about:

-we'll burn that bridge when we get to it
-if you can't stand the bull, get out of the china shop
-where there's smoke, there's mirrors
-fool me once, shame on you; teach a man to fool me, and I'll be fooled for the rest of my life
-come back to haunt you in the ass
-lets not beat around the dead horse
-beauty is in the eye of the tiger
-burning daylight at both ends
-apples to apples, dust to dust
-a stone in the hand is worth two birds in the bush


This "Your [old store name] is now [new store name]" sign has been here for ages already.

It has probably been here since Morgoth stole the Silmarils!

I honestly think this idea for the magic is really good, but it's going to be really hard to do right.

What exactly is Pink going to do to us if we *don't* get this party started?

"All I want for Christmas is booooooo." Mariah Carey's ghost.


That's really what they call a hotdog in French?

I mean, I know that literally translates to hot dog, but that's just weird, surely that's not possible?

Ooh, it's just the crazy French Canadians that call it that. Yeah, that makes sense.

Man, remember how absolutely fantastic Breath of the Wild was.

No on lives more than 28 years. A few years more and I'll be the crypt keeper.

Scientists discover the universe is just an eleborate Doom WAD.

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