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@Heliodora If laptops don't have cases they'll start using opium to stop from getting bored.

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Tusky? You fools, that's just the name of the app, the actual social network is called... GNU/Tusky or as I've recently taken to calling it GNU Plus Tusky.

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I sold my soul to Disney. Which is not too bad actually, because it will take ages before it becomes public domain and the devil can claim it.

In my fantasy world alchemy is real and you can make gold out of anything, but instead everyone is obsessed with a crazy new currency somehow backed by magical riddles.

Very totally real catholic question: do you count the calories in the hostie or in the meat it becomes?

*sigh* I should make a website I suppose. I don't like making websites myself. I don't like wordpress or any CMS really.

I could check out one of those static site generators, I guess.

The real question is: what would have happened if Scott Baculla quantum leaped into a slider?

We all know it: the only way to redeem the prequels and the sequels is Darth Jar Jar.

I have too many games I haven't finished or even played across my switch and PS4 as it is... buuuut Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy...

"It was was a deliberate choice, but he wasn't the one who had done the deliberating."

DAMNIT PIXAR! Just make a sequel to Ratatouille starring New York Pizza Rat already.

Virtual Boy Wario Land II for the Nintendo Switch Labo VR.

No, no, that was a domino of shit with OneDrive and then Office and then OneDrive again.

I got everything workable, but OneDrive is still not the way I want it.

I was desperate enough to make a case with Microsoft so I'll tell you more when they get back to me 20 years from now. (Seriously they said they'd call in 10 minutes two hours ago.)

I can access the files, they're on the system, it does synch. I can synch with a new site just fine, if I go via the onedrive interface I can open the folder and it's there with the cloud icon, but I cannot see the sites in explorer unless I manually navigate to them. Very odd.

'No one understands how this AI works' just means 'we keep throwing shitloads of data at it and let it do it over and over again until it's a giant clusterfuck, but a giant clusterfuck that works'.

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