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uncle/godfather handle 🎏 @thiskurt@tootplanet.space

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@Heliodora If laptops don't have cases they'll start using opium to stop from getting bored.

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Tusky? You fools, that's just the name of the app, the actual social network is called... GNU/Tusky or as I've recently taken to calling it GNU Plus Tusky.

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I sold my soul to Disney. Which is not too bad actually, because it will take ages before it becomes public domain and the devil can claim it.

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I don't like having a cold. Shocking news.

Alright, I made an instagram then: instagram.com/thiskurtagram/

I'll try to do something with it.

I might also use this one to follow people I know irl, but then I might have to change the name, but every variation of Kurt is basically taken.

Anyway, who to follow?

What is the sedevacantist view on whether or not bears shit in the woods?

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I found a way by adding a picture of lines under the slide in the Master Note View and then saving the Note View to an A5 portrait pdf, one per page, and then printing that two pages per sheet on A4 pages.

Alternatively can I print two landscape A5 pages on one portrait A4 page?

I must be able to print a powerpoint as two slides per page with note lines below each?

In the print option I can only do it per one or per three or side by side and the export > create handouts that sends it to word only has one per page too.

The term 'foodie' is madness. Foodies must be destroyed.

How can I make youtube not translate titles and descriptions? Where is that setting?

Where'd you add a little jumping dolphin in this image?

The meaning of life is to push back against entropy.