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I sold my soul to Disney. Which is not too bad actually, because it will take ages before it becomes public domain and the devil can claim it.

@Daily I've not yet watched Mrs. Columbo, value added tax.

It bothered me before it came out and it bothered me a bit when I saw it, but in hindsight: Spider-Man Homecoming mostly being free from the expectations associated with the Gwen/MJ/Harry set of supporting cast members was a good move.

We all live in a gangster's paradise.
A gangster's paradise, a gangster's paradise.
We all live in a gangster's paradise.
A gangster's paradise, a gangster's paradise.

Plus these two, so that's eleven games now and I haven't even had the Switch for two months

I'm definitely going to have that dumb song stuck in my head, though.

Say what you want about latter day Columbo, I really, really enjoyed Columbo and the Murder of a Rockstar.

Is there a name for like a grid, but in 3D space instead?

Is there a bridge somewhere I can cross?

You should've bought a boat instead of a car.

"Hello Tech Forum, I've made this whole giant project using this program language and framework and I just need a little help on how to do this one tiny thing in it."

Tech Forum: "Use a completely different language and framework, you fool!"

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"Louis CK's publicist Lewis Kay"

Just hold on one goddamn second!

Perhaps Steve Weibe will be avenged after all

How much cheese could a cheesemonger mong if a cheesemonger could mong cheese?

Intuitive is the opposite of easy to understand.

Ooh, I guess you just can't type this key anymore on the android keyboard, because usability and simplicity and intuitive design and all that garbage means we have to live in a world of shit.