I bought a solar phone powerbank and I think I've finally satisfied every powerbank-buying urge I have.

I'm pretty sure I can't defend buying, like, an eleventh one.

@InspectorCaracal Solar panels all over the TARDIS, and the phone cabinet in the door just has six cellphones in it.


@Alexis @InspectorCaracal Even with the whole TARDIS surface covered in solar panels they couldn't power it, because it is, as they say, bigger on the inside.

I suppose you could try parking it right next to the sun for a while, maybe.

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@thiskurt @Alexis @InspectorCaracal It's bigger on the inside. That's not a problem, that's the solution. Stick a sun in a large room, line the walls with solar panels (and preferably panels that also convert wavelengths other than visible light to power as well). Solar powered TARDIS achieved.

@LilFluff @Alexis @InspectorCaracal I don't know, it might destabilise the eye of harmony and make the TARDIS implode or something.

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