You all realise the actual reason your high school teacher didn't want you to use a Wikipedia article as a source for your paper is because they wanted to teach you how to do yourself what the article already did, right?

Collect a bunch of sources and compare and combine them into one overview.

Using wikipedia as a 'source' for that assignment is basically like copying from your neighbour.

It's because it's not the point of the exercise, it's not about the reliability of your neighbor or wiki

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@Alexis The trick is to copy your neighbour and than burn their copy of the paper.

@thiskurt yeah a lot of those "Wikipedia is unreliable!" arguments seem to ignore the fact that, like... the exact same assignments that say "don't reference Wikipedia" also say "don't reference a print encyclopaedia", it's just that, like, I guess everyone forgot that encyclopaedias are actually a thing? or something??

@thiskurt and unlike a print encyclopaedia, Wikipedia actually has source citations so you can find the primary resources and cite them yourself, so it's actually way more academically useful than a print encyclopaedia

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