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Character Sheet Concept 

re: Whole New World (image description note) 

Whole New World 

Fable 3 take (morality problems) 

Scheyichbi (New Caesarea) wip 

re: anglish and "linguistic purity" 

anglish and "linguistic purity" 

dear everyone without a Nintendo Switch:

i was today years old when I found out Katamari Damacy REROLL also released for PC

inktober receipts 

The First Election of Bestundan 

i mostly wanna clarify that this is mostly inspired by my city in cities skylines, watching alot of defunctland, and the hank green vid where he talked about the spelling of disney

"Historic Tuskmarket"

Tuskmarket was a small town in Scaletide County. Though the county is very diverse, Tuskmarket was seen as the Orcic enclave surrounded its Kobold and Minotaur neighbors. Today Tuskmarket is a booming city that overshadows Scaletide and Redhorn Marina, but that growth came at the cost of its historic district. Ultimately what wasnt demolish was saved by the Gishnep Corporation, who relocated the remaining buildings to their theme park: Gishnepland

forgot i was gonna draw for inktober, instead im busy with dyecember

was torn between the mahogany dbrand skin to payhomage to my original moto x (with an ebony back plate) and the black dragon skin i decided to go with 🐉 ( :moto_mod: do work with dbrand skins)

made a wallpaper for my phone out of my flag emojis of the americas, but cant use it bc trying to differentiate between the wallpaper and apps literally gives me anxiety

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