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Oh yeah, so I’ve been slowly curating a Spotify playlist for ~inspiration~ for What Colour Is Blue?, aka the graphic novel I’ve been working on since 2006. I just made said playlist public. Hope y’all enjoy!

Hi friends I’m getting my lip pierced again on Friday & I’m seriously debating whether I should get a horizontal or vertical labret. What do I choose?

Can someone please make a rainbow pirate flag emoji? Using this combo 🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️ doesn’t quite cut the mustard for me.

I'm doing it for my first zine fair (woo!) but my One Fear is that my dad's printer will run out of ink before I'm done.

I'm screaming so much rn bc zine printing is Not Fun even tho I enjoy the sound of stuff printing.

Don't ask. Idk either.

I’ve broken my right hand, & it’s also my dominant hand. Please enjoy this bad self portrait while I recover.

Disclaimer: While I do need to wear glasses all the time for various vision problems, I’m not considered legally blind. I apologise if I’m talking over any blind folks...

I know from personal experience that sometimes disabled people will run out of brain juice to image describe, so we need to keep that in mind as well. When that happens w me, I’ll put off tooting an image until I can replenish mine.

How do we as a collective solve this? One quick way is to follow @alt_text — which is a bot that will send you a polite DM if you forget to do an ID. Mastodon will let you delete & remake toots.

The app I use for Mastodon on my iOS devices (Toot!) has an option under settings which won’t let me post an image until I write an ID. While Toot! is a paid app, it’s <$10 “Australian”. I’m unsure of other apps that do this, but I think it should be the standard.

Another example is colourblindness. Those w red/green colourblindness won’t know what those 2 colours look like; their brains combine them. Instead of naming colours, creatives should mention the shade & type of colours.

For example: Is it dark? Is it light? Is it medium? Is it colourful? Is it dull? And, the more detail one puts into an image description, the richer the experience for blind users.

Fellow creatives will often include colour names (eg. red blue yellow) in their image descriptions. While not every single blind/low vision person has 0% vision, blindness can mean that one sees blobs of colours, mixed together w other blobs.

I want to talk about accessibility in the fediverse bc I’m disabled, & I love to educate non-disabled people about accessibility matters. One thing I love about the fediverse as a whole is the fact it generally is v accessible. When it comes to image descriptions, however, I’ve noticed something that needs to change.

The worst thing of all is that I'm going to life drawing tonight. That's already been paid for. And has sold out. And I can't get a refund for. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

I broke my dominant hand. It hurts to do almost anything. 8)

the scrape [abuse mention] 

the scrape [abuse mention] 

the scrape [abuse mention] 

I was listening to Placebo on the train when I got a notification for here via Toot! & now I’m awake.

Good morning friends.

[climate anxiety, medical] (~) 

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