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:blobcatpeek: hi there

Have I mentioned that my librarians-and-necromancy fantasy is out now? Spooky-sweet and full of warmth and weirdness.

If you want, you can read the first three chapters for free here:

:blobcatpeek: ok thanks bye

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New time!

I'm a writer, a , and a moon in training.

I post a lot of and for free --

Almost all of it is hopeful. I like to see beauty in ugly or shunned things.

I toot awkward true stories in storytimes.

I love

I read A LOT of .

I'm the eldest of seven siblings.

I make audio vlogs and audio drama podcasts

I'm very awkward but do say hello!

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She brought him the usual gifts at first. A mouse, a bird. A ribbon for him to play with.

She would run up with her gift in her mouth and prrt cheerfully around it. And he would pat her head and tell her she was a good and clever cat.

Then it was a coin with strange markings. A pendant, warm to the touch. A piece of lightning-struck wood.

He never knew of the shadowy figures that followed him, but neither did he have to fear them.

She was a good and clever cat.

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She saw on TV that ghosts made things cold, and she'd always had chilly feet at night.

So she found a stone with a hole through the middle and she waited under the covers until the chill made her toes curl.

Gently, she sat up, closing one eye and holding the stone up to the other.

Shimmering and thin as a beam of moonlight, the cat stretched and resettled on her feet.

She smiled and went back to bed, careful not to kick.

She'd always wanted a cat.

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'Don't!' She reached out to stop her, but woman only smiled.

'It's alright. Truly.' She crouched beside the thing of tentacles and claws that crawled from the lake. She rubbed its bald, water-slicked dome; it gurgled and chirped.

'See? Just because you don't understand something, doesn't mean it isn't good.' She tickled its tentacles; it squirted water.

'I suppose not,' the other replied, staring at the woman as if she, too, were a strange and unusual thing.

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Three high-res print-ready PDFs to download, print, and colour! Click through to the Patreon link to grab 'em ^.^

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

#WriteFreely is a free open federated blogging platform. It has a minimalist approach so that readers concentrate on the text.

It federates with #ActivityPub so you can follow blogs through Mastodon etc.

Existing Write Freely instances you can sign up at:

Installing your own instance:

Fully managed hosting, if you want your own instance without doing techy stuff:

#AlternativesAtoZ #Blogging

But I am home now and my home fits around my teeth
like braces used to tighten me into shape. I chew my choice of words
when I tell people where I’m from and the salty taste of them
coats my lips. Does it matter? Where my words
grew from the ground and sprang from the sea?
I swallowed them like a sea gull, I cut them open like
blue mussels and lapped them up - my tongues are wide
like fish nets, full of hooks and bait.
I spit worms that burrowed in the mountains
where I’m from.


My mother tongue is debated, it has always been this way.
They wonder where my song hail from.
Mouth of many tongues that twists between mountains, down coast lines -
across oceans. I speak with ease about uneasy things in a language my
mother doesn’t touch and my tongues serpentine
around each other in glee.

1/2 #poetry #corvusRobotica

If you want to help your local corvus poet eat through summer, consider my patreon:

Or tip me on my paypal

Thank you to everyone who has helped me out this last time, I literally don't know what I would have done without you. <3

(There were only 11 entries so if @cuttlefish wants to DM me as well, I'm more than happy to send you one as well. I have enough materials. :blobcat:

Also if I am somehow missing anyone lemme know!)

The giveaway is now closed!

@DialMforMara @justin

Please DM me your address sometime over the next week. On Monday I begin making the letters. :D

For real, though.

I have a PHP-based ActivityPub (micro)blogging service and platform I have begun work on. It is extremely early stages, because I do not have a high rate of code output, but I DO have good project organizational skills and structural design.

If you have interest or experience in PHP, CSS, or Regular Javascript and want to help make a modular, extensible alternative to Mastodon, hit me up. I would be happy to discuss my ideas and hear yours.

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A cat will always take a blanket on your lap as a direct request for them to sit on you.

The house martins are scratching around in my wall right next to my desk. I hope they're warm and comfortable on this rainy day. πŸ’™

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My hair has gone all tooth-paste coloured and isn't nearly blue enough.

I wanna re-blue it, but it's reached the stage where I need to go pay someone to touch my head for a few hours so of course I've been dragging my feet for weeks.

I read the latest Luna Station fiction collection all at once, which is unusual for me as I get a bit pick-and-choosy with anthologies.

Thoughtful, emotive, clever SFF across a whole range of concepts.

Heartily recommended!


Confessions of the Unread

OMG! I’ve been reading the same book since November; I&#8217;m still not done. This situation&hellip;

Today's the last day to enter this small giveaway (see upthread)

:blobcatpeek: hi it's me again

I'm doing a giveaway because I have a wax seal and it's super cool!

Reply to this toot with one of the pictured tags and I'll randomly select 10 replies and post them a handwritten from my archive!

International is okay and no need to follow me or whatever unless you want to. :)

(Here's my microfiction archive: You can choose a specific title instead of a tag if you want!)

:blobcatpeek: ok bye

When I write a character that has a weapon, there's much less focus on their tactics or *how* they fight than there is on 'Oh my god they have a *weapon*, RUN AWAY!'

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