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Victoria Corva

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Hi! I write about necromancers (but like in a 'ugly things are loveable too' kind of way, not a grimdark way)

I make:
-Soul Jar (podcast about a teen necromancer)
-Crazy Cat People (podcast where I talk to people about their cats)
-Non Player Character (WIP about anxiety and D&D)
-A whole bunch of other fiction
-A necromancy twine game
-doodles of skeletons in people suits

If you like SFF books, board games, TTRPG, video games, pets, we'll probably get along. :)

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'Why do you hate the stars?' she whispered.

'They are each of them another sun,' the mage replied. She gripped her phylactery as if frightened the pale light would shatter it. 'I was pushed into the night -- too ugly, too strange -- but sunlight is still the ruler here. Still the most beautiful thing.'

'Not the most beautiful.' She clasped the mage's hands, another layer around the bottled soul.

And though she was brighter than any star, the mage smiled.

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'Don't!' She reached out to stop her, but woman only smiled.

'It's alright. Truly.' She crouched beside the thing of tentacles and claws that crawled from the lake. She rubbed its bald, water-slicked dome; it gurgled and chirped.

'See? Just because you don't understand something, doesn't mean it isn't good.' She tickled its tentacles; it squirted water.

'I suppose not,' the other replied, staring at the woman as if she, too, were a strange and unusual thing.

40 pages left. Is this doable? Could I actually finish it this week?

I don't know whether to be thrilled or terrified.

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One thing I like in the hashtag on twitter is that there are exercises, like “what does your character see?” “what is your character like sick?”

I’d like to see more prep exercises and such things over here on masto.

Cannae wait until augmented reality tech hits the point where I can walk around the wilderness with a massive pair of CG bird wings on, living my best life.

Get on it, techies.

So far this draft of BOOKS & BONE has grown from 75,000 words to 90,000 words and I'm only 2/3rds through. Really hope I don't break 100k!

@Anke @unstuckdev thanks! So far I've heard:


I'm hoping for a consensus (and looking for Why-diss for sake of the nickname Wy (Why) for ongoing character joke.

What I'm getting is that people pronounce names wildly differently. Never normally bothers me how people pronounce names, but since I'm looking for the joke it matters for once.

And I'm pretty anti-pronunciation guide. I feel like people read names how they read them, if that makes sense.

How would you pronounce the name 'Wydis' (and nickname 'Wy')?


get out of bed, live well

make a bigot mad

It's so nice when I'm and I come across a chapter that's *good*. Like, only requires touch-ups and tweaks, rather than me staring at the screen for a few days trying to work out whether to even *begin* rewriting it.

Of course, when my CP gets it she will (lovingly and justifiably) rip it apart, but right now I'm just relieved that I don't have to do the work twice.

UK cis folks: PLEASE go and fill out this survey before the end of the week to help out our trans siblings.

Should only take you twenty minutes or so, if you're writing your own answers, but you can copy paste the examples.

It's really important to send a message to the UK government that simple changes in our legislation can make the lives of trans people infinitely better.

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Morning :tootplanet: and tootfolk!

Today I wish you support and encouragement in your projects. ✨

Got a lot of reads today on NON PLAYER CHARACTER and I feel all happy and silly about it. :blobpats: Thanks to all the lovely folk on here who had a look at it today.

Now to do a bit more editing on BOOKS AND BONE before bed, since Joh wants to stay up and practice Lojban (a constructed language).

My mum has largely abandoned for , where she tweets about her favourite K-Pop groups (which my youngest sister got her into). This includes articles, interviews, and of course the music videos.

It is very cute.

That BOOKS & BONE chapter is ... done? That doesn't seem right. There should be days of awkward wrangling and struggle ...

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I think it's time to work on my main , BOOKS & BONE some more. At a place in the latest draft where some heavy rewrites are required, which has been slowing me down.

Wish I could share it with you guys, but it's only one more draft from submission. :/ I feel like you would like Wandering Larry and the cast of goofy "villains" that make up my small town of necromancers.

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