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Victoria Corva

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Hi! I write about necromancers (but like in a 'ugly things are loveable too' kind of way, not a grimdark way)

I make:
-Soul Jar (podcast about a teen necromancer)
-Crazy Cat People (podcast where I talk to people about their cats)
-Non Player Character (WIP about anxiety and D&D)
-A whole bunch of other fiction
-A necromancy twine game
-doodles of skeletons in people suits

If you like SFF books, board games, TTRPG, video games, pets, we'll probably get along. :)

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She saw on TV that ghosts made things cold, and she'd always had chilly feet at night.

So she found a stone with a hole through the middle and she waited under the covers until the chill made her toes curl.

Gently, she sat up, closing one eye and holding the stone up to the other.

Shimmering and thin as a beam of moonlight, the cat stretched and resettled on her feet.

She smiled and went back to bed, careful not to kick.

She'd always wanted a cat.

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'Why do you hate the stars?' she whispered.

'They are each of them another sun,' the mage replied. She gripped her phylactery as if frightened the pale light would shatter it. 'I was pushed into the night -- too ugly, too strange -- but sunlight is still the ruler here. Still the most beautiful thing.'

'Not the most beautiful.' She clasped the mage's hands, another layer around the bottled soul.

And though she was brighter than any star, the mage smiled.

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'Don't!' She reached out to stop her, but woman only smiled.

'It's alright. Truly.' She crouched beside the thing of tentacles and claws that crawled from the lake. She rubbed its bald, water-slicked dome; it gurgled and chirped.

'See? Just because you don't understand something, doesn't mean it isn't good.' She tickled its tentacles; it squirted water.

'I suppose not,' the other replied, staring at the woman as if she, too, were a strange and unusual thing.

🇯🇵 #japan 😻#Cat

A museum in Japan spends most of its day refusing entry to 2 cats trying to get in [@bijutsu1]

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Ahem, okay, mic check mic check

Following @vicorva's lead, I'm trying out putting my (polished) Rebel book free on for a while.

DIVIDE THE SKY, m/m fantasy. Soft Yorkshire lad Tyler wants to stop the apocalypse and a demon with a snappy dress sense is up for helping, but Tyler's homicidal ex-boyfriend is trying to ruin everything. Good Omens meets Supernatural, with a bit of A Court of Thorns & Roses.

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you happy laughter. ✨

Hello #dnd, #CriticalRole, #taz fans! My dragon dice bags are now on PREORDER!!! Official #dungeonsanddragons merch! Currently only offered in red, but if they sell well and there’s interest, maybe they’ll add the other colours? 😘 #critters #dragons…

Producer: There's an unexplained buzz on most of this track that I can't get rid of by the usual means. Could you take a look?

Me: Of course! (Please don't need to re-record, please don't need to re-record)

Me: (It was SUCH A LONG chapter, like 3 stitched together, please don't need to re-record)

Me: *finds a way to remove the buzzing*


🎙️ 📚

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

May you have the space to breathe today ✨

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i've got a novel coming out soon! i'm going to be talking about it more often! because i'm excited!

if you'd like to be notified when it comes out, i have a newsletter:

i won't spam you. i'll pretty much send it out like, twice a year? maybe 3 times if something exciting happens?

boosts welcome. :D

Finished weeee! Very happy with this one :D A variety of multiliners and pencils on A4 size Classic Linnen Natural White 216g. The texture in the paper makes lovely patterns in the pencil and charcoal bits ^.^

If you'd like to give this piece a home, $75 USD for the signed original (which includes worldwide shipping). Yell at me if you want it.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

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you were once a powerful demon whose skin was said to be impenetrable. However, that was back when humans used swords, bows, etc. As you awaken from a 10,000 year rest, you find that today’s weapons hit quite a bit harder.
#writingprompts #writing

On my writing chat and someone is trotting out the old "cats are evil" spiel and I'm just like 😑

Cats are loving affectionate pets that are often neglected and whose behaviour humans regularly misinterpret.

Just because everyone says it doesn't make it true.

Walked past my bedroom door and it made a creaking sound. My familiar, asleep on the bed, made a little creaky sigh in response. 😆

He's big on mirroring noises from people he loves. He probably thought I was sighing, bless him.

Recently I’ve noticed that more images here on mastodon seem to have descriptions for the vision impaired. Thanks very much to everyone who is doing this, it’s making my social media experience a heck of a lot better.

RAIN! :blobaww: 🌧️ ☔

Gonna stop and write now.

I'm not a writer who 'can only write when it rains' but I sure do love to do it!

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I feel very strongly and passionately about dragons

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