:blobcatpeek: hello again

BOOKS & BONE is a librarians-and-necromancy fantasy with small town charm in a city of the dead.

It is currently up for funding on as I can't afford to publish it on my own. If you're able, I'd really appreciate your help!

It's a story about frantic research, the boundaries of magic, and the love of home, however strange.

It's mildly spooky and very warm. I hope you'll like it!

:blobcatpeek: ok thanks

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@vicorva You are so cool! I hope will all my heart you will reach the highest goal.

@nuhn Aah! *hugs* :blobheartcat: You complete sweetheart, thank you!

I'm so extremely nervous, this message is just πŸ’™

@vicorva I totally get it!! That's why I want to support. That and your book sounds amazingly awesome!

@vicorva as a writer and generally wanting to live off my creative work, I totally get it. Not sure if I could ever make something that people would want to buy...

@nuhn I mean I'm not sure about that either, but I'm trying and I'm hoping. :) And from what I've seen of your work ... you are capable of amazing things that people will love.

@vicorva awww thank you! I hope I can sell my game :D
To be earnest I would buy your book as a paperback asap if I could ❀️

@vicorva no one who knows me will be surprised that I backed this book instantly

you clearly know what i need and it is this

@Cobalt I've heard that there's one ideal reader for every book out there, but I always thought they were mythical creatures and not someone who would say hello on the fediverse. XD

Thank you. πŸ’™ Hopefully it will meet your expectations!

@vicorva I already love your poetry so I'm not worried we'll be a mismatch with prose.

@Cobalt Oh no! I think you're mistaking me for @CorvusRobotica. I don't write poetry, just fiction.

@vicorva @CorvusRobotica Oh right! I follow a lot of crow-themed writers, lol

But I wouldn't follow you if I didn't already like your writing, is my point! So I consider it a pretty safe bet to grab a book. If CR has one I'd get that too. πŸ‘

@Cobalt @CorvusRobotica Lol, thank you. :) And don't worry, it seems to be a common mistake. Maybe I should put something in my profile? Like 'Not the poetry magpie, the microfiction crow' XD

@vicorva @CorvusRobotica Maybe! It seems pretty common to be very fond of you both!

Maybe if one of you were terrible it'd be easier, but you both refuse to be so.

@vicorva You also are! You have different crafts but I'm very excited to have more of yours!@CorvusRobotica

@Shutsumon thank you! And I can very much relate to that situation. I really appreciate you saying so and boosting. πŸ’™

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