Look! LOOK!

50 people have backed my ! :blobaww:

With 17 days to go, it's gonna be tight to reach my first stretch goal of £1165

But it's just incredible to me that it's done as well as this.

50 people!

Thanks, all. 💙

@vicorva just realized that kickstarter automatically converted your £funded into $funded, but not your stretch goals, so i thought you were like a hundred dollars closer than you were!

They don’t convert the pledge tiers out of pounds either, so really switching the one number just makes the whole thing far more confusing, no idea why they do it like that

@Satsuma Yeah it's weirdly inconsistent. :/ Not sure what the rationale behind the decision to do it that way is.

@vicorva halfassedness, I imagine. But yeah, that’s all very weird and frustrating

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