:blobcatpeek: hi there

Have I mentioned that my librarians-and-necromancy fantasy is out now? Spooky-sweet and full of warmth and weirdness.

If you want, you can read the first three chapters for free here: victoriacorva.xyz/books-bone-s

:blobcatpeek: ok thanks bye

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(Just kidding, I have definitely mentioned it and I feel the scars of self-promotion in my soul. Why is it so painful to say: 'I have made something I'm proud of and it would be cool if you wanted to buy it?')

@vicorva Added to my list of books to buy after the move when I actually have space to put new books. Heh.

@benhamill Aww, thank you!

And yeah, I totally relate to needing more space for books! I have mine all stacked 2/3 books deep and am contemplating replacing other furniture with more bookshelves. And this is with me being ruthless about what I keep!

@Cobalt :blobaww: oh yay! Thank you for saying this. I hope you continue to enjoy it! :D

@vicorva finally sat down and figured out how to get this on my ebook reader (a Calibre update did the trick) and i am Loving it!! only about 50 pages in.

such an original setting and characters!

i read leigh bardugo’s stuff but have regrettably felt that she has never returned to the same quality as Six of Crows. so this scratches an itch that has been going un-scratched. πŸ–€ well done! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

@mood Eek! :blobaww: Thank you so much, this is such high praise!

I'm just about to sit down for a writing session as well and now I feel like I'll write up a storm just from this encouragement. ^_^

I really hope you continue to enjoy it as it goes on.

I bought Books and Bone and tore through it in two days. I liked it a lot, and look forward to your future works. Thank you for a fun read.

The story was great, and so was the setting. I'm hopeful we see more of Ree and Smythe, or at least Tombtown and its denizens.

@mike :blobaww: Thank you so much for giving Books & Bone a go -- and for your kind words.Two days! :D

There will absolutely be more Tombtown soon -- including 2 shot stories coming soon and Book 2 already underway.

This message has actually really buoyed me so I fully intend to use all this encouragement to write up a storm this week! ^_^

@mike Would it be okay if I boost this? (I don't mind if not!)

@solarbear yay, fellow spooky-sweet fan! It's basically all I write. If spooky things aren't being cute or cute things aren't being spooky, I just don't know what to do. πŸ˜…

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