You might remember that due to my occasional inability to regulate how much work I do or to feed myself, I was given a new manager ... my cat.

The rules are, I eat when he wants to eat. I break when he wants to break.

Today, he can be your manager too. I'll time-stamp each of his management moments so you can follow along in your timezone.

9am. After breakfast and a quick after-breakfast nap, the manager is getting on with one of his main jobs -- window time. It's time for us to get started as well.

10.05am. The manager arrives, meowing for a cuddle break. It takes about 15 minutes to settle him, at which point he gets on with another important task: grooming.

Back to work for us.


12.15pm and I'm *amazed* he lasted this long. The manager wants lunch, so it's lunch for you too.

You can't eat it at your desk because he expects you to hang out until he falls asleep. He'd also like a bit of whatever you're having.

@vicorva if the manager says so, I better make something to eat and a dark coffee with it.
This is good idea!

@tuturto The manager will definitely approve. :) He's a big fan of lunch.

12.50pm and the manager is done hanging out and has returned to the important business of napping.

Back to work for us as well!

Almost 3pm and the manager has made plaintive cries. He wants snacks and a cuddle.

Time for a break.

Almost 4pm and the end of my working day. The manager has been really happy with many purrs -- you did a great job today!

If your day goes on a bit longer, the manager will be busy spending 1 straight hour begging for it to be dinner time already. I know he'd love the company.


He's great! Always let's me know what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. Provides praise in the form of purrs.

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