:blobcatpeek: hi it's me again

I'm doing a giveaway because I have a wax seal and it's super cool!

Reply to this toot with one of the pictured tags and I'll randomly select 10 replies and post them a handwritten from my archive!

International is okay and no need to follow me or whatever unless you want to. :)

(Here's my microfiction archive: You can choose a specific title instead of a tag if you want!)

:blobcatpeek: ok bye

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Full disclosure: I burned myself learning how to do this πŸ˜…

Oh! And I forgot to say (because I've never done a giveaway before):

I'll choose the winners Saturday morning, so you can enter for it all through Friday. :D

@vicorva wax seals are the best!
Pro tip: you can use old buttons with patterns or pictures on them as well! I've found some really neat once at the second hand store!

@nuhn that is a genius idea, I will keep a lookout for cool buttons!

@vicorva @nuhn so cooool
Omg or cool coins
Or veiny leaves!!! Aaaah

@nuhn my partner is researching easy super complex stamps that are hard to replicate and leaves are apparently really good for it

@nuhn @vicorva I have used coins before too, e.g., the chrysanthemums? on a Β₯100 coin.

#cute #dragon #romance

Today's the last day to enter this small giveaway (see upthread)

The giveaway is now closed!

@DialMforMara @justin

Please DM me your address sometime over the next week. On Monday I begin making the letters. :D

(There were only 11 entries so if @cuttlefish wants to DM me as well, I'm more than happy to send you one as well. I have enough materials. :blobcat:

Also if I am somehow missing anyone lemme know!)

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