I wrote a book and it would be awesome if you wanted to buy it! ✨

It's a high fantasy story following the kind of community of black wizards that adventurers roll up and destroy, and a girl who was born and raised there.

You can read the first 3 chapters for free here (and find buy links as well!):


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@vicorva also i ended up buying it twice(i got the kindle version before realizing i couldnt convert it to a pdf for easier reading and then got the smashwords version instead) and reading the whole thing in, uh. i think three hours.

good stuff!

@sleepingsirens Hello! Thank you so much for buying my book :blobaww: ! And for reading it! And being nice about it! Actually, I think you're the first person I've ever met with my exact mutant superpower of reading *very* quickly, which is also exciting. ^_^

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'm sorry I didn't get your messages (I was asleep -- timezones, amirite?) but just to say I think Amazon will refund you for the kindle copy you can't use if you contact customer service ...

@sleepingsirens ... I've had to do similar with digital downloads before.

And also if you get any of my stuff in future (there will definitely be more) and you end up in a similar situation, you can always contact me and I'll sort you out with the correct copy. :)

Anyway! Thank you so much again! And for the boost as well. This was a lovely message to wake up to. :blobheartcat: I think you have the record for fastest read of my book. :D

@vicorva Oh wow, I'm surprised. It felt like a longer time than it probably was.

Also, I think I'll leave the double-purchase as-is, so that I feel less guilty about letting my wife read it too.

@vicorva (also also it's five AM on my end, it's probably not time zones, I'm just a night owl)

@sleepingsirens ahh, that could be it. XD

I hope your wife enjoys it! And thank you again πŸ’™

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