My co-ML messaged me to let me know our pins have arrived.

Me: Ooh! They're pretty!

Her: They're yellow.

Me: I like yellow! It'll stand out against all the black I wear. ^_^

... Colour coordination is actually pretty easy for me these days.

@aldersprig :) I don't completely get the point of the pins, since they're not big enough to be noticeable to newcomers and established folk will know who the MLs are anyway

@vicorva I remember a gaming con I went to where the ST staff (gms?) had neon yellow t-shirts and motorola radios. It was GREAT.

@aldersprig YES we used to have neon yellow ML T-Shirts until apparently too many MLs complained and they stopped doing them. I have a big plushie bear that still wears it. I loved those shirts.

@vicorva Rion had something like that when they were living in my house. It was GREAT.

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