Ughh. Anti-cat 'wisdom' being passed around again.

'If you're dog was bigger than you, he'd still love you, but if your cat was bigger than you, he'd just eat you.'

Look. We know what happens in UNDOMESTICATED WILD animals of the same family that are larger than humans and kept as pets, and it doesn't even work that way with them.

Larger animals are more dangerous because they have more to hurt you with.

It doesn't change their temperament, how they were raised, or how much they love you.

People who keep and care for lions or tigers (which I am AGAINST) find them affectionate and loving but incredibly dangerous. Temper tantrums, play ... these all become dangerous.

But there are similar problems with wolves, which are LESS DANGEROUS, signficantly CLOSER to dogs, and also NOT AS BIG.

What's more, it doesn't matter what your cat or your dog would do if they were giants. They aren't. They are the size they are.

This bullshit is just used to demonize cats.

Cut it the fuck out. It might seem funny or harmless but it's why cats are frequently mistreated and neglected by their owners. They're wild, they don't love you, etc.

Except none of that is true.

*sigh* Okay. That's this week's cat rant done.

(In case it isn't clear, I adore dogs too. There is no hierarchy for my love, except that my cat is the best cat and my family's dog is the best dog -- and if you met him surely you would agree.

For some reason people feel like to love dogs you must shit on cats, and that's why I'm always addressing bad takes like this.)

@vicorva a lot of the dislike for cats seems to come from the people not understanding the language of affection of cats, and it gets me super down because cats are just as loving as dogs are.

@PsyChuan I completely agree. People also don't read cat play, warnings, or fear very well, and that's often how cats get labelled as assholes.

Wish there was more of an effort to be cat literate -- both from people who don't know cats and from people who've had cats their whole lives.

@vicorva the best/most comprehensive resource I've seen on it is literally a Tumblr post and boy howdy is that depressing. I can't find it now but it goes beyond the usual "this is what your cats tail means"stuff

@PsyChuan I don't think I've seen that but I've gotten amazing info from Tumblr users before on other subjects so I don't doubt it. If you ever come across it do send it my way!

My fav cat behaviour guides include body-blocking, mirroring, and positioning. Most cat folk know at least some tail and eye stuff, but stuff like 'my cat is in my way all the time' is actually a really common cat communication tactic that humans just ... don't know about.

@vicorva I'll admit that I don't know about it, so please enlighten me!

@PsyChuan Hmm. Well, the short answer is: cats use location as communication. If a cat is often in your way -- most people find that cats block hallways and staircases etc -- this is an attention tactic. 'If I sit in this place where humans always walk, they will be forced to notice me'. That's ... not the whole thing, but that's a start.

@PsyChuan Mirroring is a bit clearer as it's much like in humans. Cats show affection by doing what we do and using what we use. If you are laying on the sofa and the cat is laying a few feet away facing you, they are spending time with you and showing you they love you by mimicking you. This is also why they sit on things we use (laptops, notebooks, etc).

@vicorva ah okay, I knew the bit about mirroring at least, fortunately

@vicorva oh well that's handy to know. Also I found A post, but I don't think it's the whole post. @OCRbot

@PsyChuan @OCRbot Ahh, thank you! I think I *have* seen this one, actually, and it's excellent. I especially love the bit about a bared belly. It is so frequently just a trust-show or an invitation to play.

I've saved it now as that's really good for sharing with people as a cat behaviour primer.

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@vicorva @PsyChuan it took me a long time to realise that my aversion to dogs was in no small part due to understanding cats and being confused when dogs didn't communicate the same way.

@swift @PsyChuan Ooh, I don't think I've met anyone who has the miscommunication in this direction. Just makes it clearer that understanding behaviour is key! :)

@vicorva @PsyChuan look, if a friendly wolf lies on its back, I don't get why people are looking at me funny for thinking it's a bad idea to go near its exposed belly 8D

(I have since come to understand dogs are not about to claw my hand for giving them tummy rubs.)

@swift @PsyChuan XD This is lovely.

To be fair, I would probably still feel nervous with rubbing dog tummies if not for my families' dog. He will literally wiggle until my feet are on his tummy and then wiggle some more until my feet are rubbing his tummy, so I'm *fairly confident* that he wants the tummy rubs when I actually give them.

@vicorva cats only grow up hating you if you get one solely to prove to yourself that you hate them.

same way with dogs, for me, actually. dog owners will yell at me until the cows come home for not wanting to be around a slobbering thing trying to sniff my butt all the time. I just don't like them. but I can at least see that.
@vicorva and to be clear, I'm not trying to demonize dogs. they're just not my kind of pet.

@pandentia Hmm. I don't know if I agree with your first statement. I think I lot of people love their animals but don't fully understand or appreciate their behaviour and it can lead to tension with the pet or 'problem behaviours.'

I don't think anyone can say fairer than 'I just don't like X' though. I much prefer that to people making 'subjective' value judgements about them!

@vicorva I immediately thought of that video going round where a grown lion greeted a human who raised them(?) when they were a cub, and by greet I mean "jump on them and cuddle"

@Anke Yes! The one where the lions run up to the gate? I saw that one a few weeks ago maybe.

@vicorva "If your cat were bigger than you, then you'd have to get a giant keyboard for them to sleep on. Terrible expense."

@bstacey The question of 'do I get up and disturb my cat or do I keep sitting here forever?' would be solved because getting up would be impossible. XD

@vicorva me: opens a tin of wet cat food

cat: bursts through the wall like the Kool-Aid Man

@vicorva Plus there are some cats that adopt smaller animals as playmates into the family.
I am not very good at communicating with cats (and allergic to most of them), so I shouldn't have one, myself, but it doesn't mean I think no one should have them or that cat-owners are lower-tier.

That'd be as off-putting as the position "no one should have dogs just because I am afraid of them" that some people take.

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