Ughh. Anti-cat 'wisdom' being passed around again.

'If you're dog was bigger than you, he'd still love you, but if your cat was bigger than you, he'd just eat you.'

Look. We know what happens in UNDOMESTICATED WILD animals of the same family that are larger than humans and kept as pets, and it doesn't even work that way with them.

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Larger animals are more dangerous because they have more to hurt you with.

It doesn't change their temperament, how they were raised, or how much they love you.

People who keep and care for lions or tigers (which I am AGAINST) find them affectionate and loving but incredibly dangerous. Temper tantrums, play ... these all become dangerous.

But there are similar problems with wolves, which are LESS DANGEROUS, signficantly CLOSER to dogs, and also NOT AS BIG.

What's more, it doesn't matter what your cat or your dog would do if they were giants. They aren't. They are the size they are.

This bullshit is just used to demonize cats.

Cut it the fuck out. It might seem funny or harmless but it's why cats are frequently mistreated and neglected by their owners. They're wild, they don't love you, etc.

Except none of that is true.

*sigh* Okay. That's this week's cat rant done.

(In case it isn't clear, I adore dogs too. There is no hierarchy for my love, except that my cat is the best cat and my family's dog is the best dog -- and if you met him surely you would agree.

For some reason people feel like to love dogs you must shit on cats, and that's why I'm always addressing bad takes like this.)

@vicorva I immediately thought of that video going round where a grown lion greeted a human who raised them(?) when they were a cub, and by greet I mean "jump on them and cuddle"

@Anke Yes! The one where the lions run up to the gate? I saw that one a few weeks ago maybe.

@vicorva "If your cat were bigger than you, then you'd have to get a giant keyboard for them to sleep on. Terrible expense."

@bstacey The question of 'do I get up and disturb my cat or do I keep sitting here forever?' would be solved because getting up would be impossible. XD

@vicorva me: opens a tin of wet cat food

cat: bursts through the wall like the Kool-Aid Man

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