If you love spooky-sweet stories, you might enjoy my upcoming novel, BOOKS & BONE.

It's got loyal zombie companions, necromancer town meetings, and people who love books and adore their sprawling crypt of a home.

It's on , it's 100% complete, and the first chapter is available to read for free.

It's warm and weird and I can't wait to publish it. I'd really appreciate your support.


Look! LOOK!

50 people have backed my ! :blobaww:

With 17 days to go, it's gonna be tight to reach my first stretch goal of Β£1165

But it's just incredible to me that it's done as well as this.

50 people!

Thanks, all. πŸ’™

My partner got a snow day from work and came home early to read THE TAO OF POOH, which work were throwing out.

I feel like this is quite revealing.

Some pictures of my familiar last night. He's my magical partner-in-crime and also A Good Boy.

Have I ever told you the story of Merlin and the Very Long Wait?

It involves a cat with the name of a wizard, a killer dog, and a cry in the dark.

(Thread. The rest will be unlisted.)

Having what I guess is the modern equivalent of a LAN party. 5 friends crowded into a living room on a combination of desktops and laptops to play Minecraft -- which we regularly play together from the comfort of our homes.

Folding tables, weird cushion configurations, and bad back postures abound.

But I'm loving it. :blobheartcat:

Board games went well! We lost Subterra (but it was very fun and dramatic) and I won Dwar7s Fall!

Also here are some pics of the night.

The familiar is making a sound like pressurized steam releasing. Who knows what sorcery causes a cat to make such a sound?

Meanwhile, my partner got a kindle from my parents and has been using it to get into vector art. It's very cool to watch.

Failed to headbutt his way in, so instead of being a cavecat he's suffering on top of the duvet.

At this stage, maybe I just stop making the bed. The familiar seems to be making good use of it as-is.

I think the familiar has the right idea to be honest ...

'I think ... I think maybe I'm in love with a ghost,' he told his sister one morning.


THE RIVER GHOST, LOVELY is a story of a sister who would do anything for her brother -- including facing down an otherworldly creature for the sake of his happiness.

Originally patreon-only, it is now free for all to read. I would love it if you would take a look!


Merlin had a duvet day yesterday. Even familiars need to recharge sometimes.

Saturday morning with the familiar. Important bonding ritual to keep the magic strong.


You slip on your doorstep and find a strange card in shimmering colours beneath your feet, calling you to a life and shape far different than you have ever known.

Will you choose it?

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