Having this guy as my manager today has actually gone really well? Got a lot of work done and my breaks were focused on cat cuddles, rather than spent scrolling social media or just skipped altogether.

An hour left of work. Overall pretty happy with this weird experiment.

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He's very happy but he's A LITTLE in the way with his chin propped on my keyboard. Luckily, this is my drool-proof laptop.

The familiar resting after a hard day digging a shelter. He's making little happy sounds. ^_^

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New short story up for patrons $5+!

Beneath the Crack Willow, a story about a girl and a tree famous for falling apart.


Hi all,

Only 3 hours left on the for BOOKS & BONE and I'm deeply grateful for all the support I've received on here.

You are wonderful and consequently my weird story of necromancer town meetings and secret libraries is going to be published to the best of my ability.

Thanks so much. πŸ’™


*distantly you hear screaming*

oh my goodness

it's so close

you are all so kind

thank you thank you thank you πŸ’™

Also, found this rare pic of the usual view from my face while trying to watch YouTube.

One of the reasons you don't get lots of pictures of Merlin is that he's usually too close and/or sitting on my hands.

Trying to work around my familiar, who has arrived for his morning cuddles at my desk. He tends to put his chin on my wrist and lean his body against me. It continues to be difficult to type while simultaneously hugging.

Been here 30 mins so far.

Picture I took when one hand was freed (he did not approve).

My is only Β£170 from being able to publish on non-Amazon platforms! If you're able and would like to, I'd really appreciate it if you'd back it! Only have 10 days to make up the difference.

It's a librarians-and-necromancy fantasy novel with small town charm in a city of the dead.

Please do take a look! Support at any level is really helpful.


If you love spooky-sweet stories, you might enjoy my upcoming novel, BOOKS & BONE.

It's got loyal zombie companions, necromancer town meetings, and people who love books and adore their sprawling crypt of a home.

It's on , it's 100% complete, and the first chapter is available to read for free.

It's warm and weird and I can't wait to publish it. I'd really appreciate your support.


Look! LOOK!

50 people have backed my ! :blobaww:

With 17 days to go, it's gonna be tight to reach my first stretch goal of Β£1165

But it's just incredible to me that it's done as well as this.

50 people!

Thanks, all. πŸ’™

My partner got a snow day from work and came home early to read THE TAO OF POOH, which work were throwing out.

I feel like this is quite revealing.

Some pictures of my familiar last night. He's my magical partner-in-crime and also A Good Boy.

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