I wrote a little slice-of-life short story for .

Igneus Ill-Met watches his four-year old daughter and her undead pal as they experience snow for the first time.

πŸ“šπŸ”’ patreon.com/posts/32946633

Currently patrons-only I'm afraid!

(Also, I'm very pleased with this cover. Take a look!)


Still 13 hours left to get BOOKS & BONE and related short stories for free!

It was my birthday yesterday so I thought I'd give 'em away as a birthday treat. Kindle and EPUB formats available.

Oddly sweet stories about necromancers!


Oh! Also if you want a copy of any my books, they're free on itch.io for the next 24hrs in both Kindle and EPUB format as a birthday treat from me to you. ^_^


πŸ“š πŸ’€ πŸŽ‚ ✨

We had a lovely little solstice celebration, going into the dark of an ancient road with a light to call to the sun. Very fortunate to share it with Joh and my sibling.

More Merlin content is out for patrons!

Includes a video of what it's like to watch a video on my tablet with Merlin about.

Anyone can join my patreon for $1+ a month and get access to all my content and ebooks. Plus I'd be super grateful!

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I read BENEATH CRUEL FATHOMS by Anela Deen in one sitting and I really recommend it.

Gorgeous merfolk fantasy with a compelling romance, a wonderful mythological feel and influence, and it was just so enjoyable it made for an incredibly fast read.

😻 The Magical Cat Familiar giveaway is now live for patrons! ✨

Entries open until 15th January 2020.


Started writing out cat familiars for a patron-only giveaway in January. Pretty fun so far!

This is what happens when my local cafΓ© starts selling cat postcards. XD

Have I ever told you about the time I went to a party in a house full of faces?

It happened this week, in fact.

It's !

This time, it's a blog post. Too long for toots!


The story walks a difficult path in dealing with this fictitious abusive (and non-romantic) relationship and detailing the trials of Sunrise as she tries to reform someone utterly inhuman and questions whether a) it is possible and b) it is worth it.

Though it deals with a difficult topic, it does so thoughtfully -- and while explicitly condemning human abusers.

It's a story that can only take place in this particular setting and circumstance and it's very well done.

I highly recommend L Rowyn's DEMON'S LURE and sequel ANGEL'S SIGIL.

High fantasy with a queernormative setting and a completely absorbing demon-redemption story.

Sunrise has been gifted a demon-hunting sigil by the angels -- she is a Lure. Demon's can feed harmlessly on her happiness instead of preying on regular humans.

But then she is kidnapped by the pain demon Bright -- a cruel, controlling shapeshifter who has tortured humans for centuries.

The planet is getting festive as heck. Wreaths for everyone!

Just what I need to get into the Yuletide spirit. ^_^

Thanks @InspectorCaracal

excited caps 

Mine -- you can buy my books! Necromancy was never this ... cute?

And they are all Less than $4.

Alternatively, you can read a bunch of free fiction on my website.


The familiar making it clear that he's still keeping me company even from the bed.

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