I wrote a rare blog post! I talk about taking part in a massive book competition, the subjectivity of reviews, and finding community.

I Ain't Mad About It: The End of My SPFBO 5 Journey: victoriacorva.xyz/2019/11/22/i

What writers say: 'Wow, your self-publishing thing has been really exciting! I'll definitely keep that in mind should my plans not work out.'

What they think I hear: 'You did well and I am encouraging you!'

What I hear: 'Self-publishing is only for when you wash out of trad publishing. Which you have done but I probably won't!'

... This comes up surprisingly often. :blobglare:

Rebellion in Oxford are looking for an experienced RPG writer to come worth with them. Good for anyone here?


I think this roughly every month, but I am so glad to be a self-published author. The writing friends I make are just friends and not stepping stones to greater fame.

I know trad authors make genuine connections too, but there's definitely a much larger focus on networking and it squicks me out.

*waves at all my friends* Hello, you are wonderful.

Hello and friends!

There's a free Publicity/Marketing Webinar with two publishing industry marketing and publicity professionals on Tuesday.

Can't say whether it'll be good and I'm *hoping* it'll be relevant to self-pub authors as well, but Sam Missingham usually has very good insights so I'm going to watch.

You have to register to attend:


Might be good for some folks?

writing and publishing thoughts 

Scrolling back through my writing to return to an old project and along the way rediscovered an old microfiction I wrote that is too sad to share.

It just sits in my documents, reminding me of what inspired it.

Oh my god, progress. Like my usual rate of progress, not the hell that has been the last 2 years.

Editing, I adore you.

I used the word 'de-transformed' for some reason. Nope. That's got to go.

I'm heading out to write today!
✨ πŸ“š ✨

If you'd like to buy me an apple juice (not a coffee person) or help me cover bus fare, I'd really appreciate it.

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About to start a big session now, but I just wanted to say:

✨ People who comment on my writing are awesome
πŸ“š People who buy my books are wonderful
πŸ¦„ people who boost and share my writing are magical
βœ… people who review mypublished works are excellent
:dragn: people who support me on patreon etc are badass

Thanks so much to anyone who has done the above for me or any other writer. You're the best. πŸ’™

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