@wordsmith :D these are really nice! Also it sounds like you were properly prepared whereas we, fools that we are, we're just like 'eh? Where is it?'

:blobcatpeek: Buy my book? It's 50% on Smashwords for all of July!

The family business is raising the dead; Ree has other ambitions. She's going to resurrect the ancient magic of shapeshifting, but might doom her necromantic hometown in the process.

A librarians-and-necromancy high fantasy with small town charm in a city of the dead.


(you can find it at a whole bunch of other retailers too! victoriacorva.xyz/books/)

:blobcatpeek: ok thanks for listening

@aldersprig Good to keep him close so that he doesn't start calling for you, I guess! :D

@mood that or your cat has mind control *down*. I know Merlin's been trying.

*glances at her cat. He is still staring at her.*

And on that note, it's important to keep one of your cursed chairs next to your desk even though it creeps you out and is very inconvenient so that your feline familiar can snooze and make happy sounds while you work.

(Chair doesn't need to be cursed but I don't have any options)

It astonishes me that there are petless people who write. I could not do this without cathair and purring and constant interruption (and the ambient emotional support and chill energy).

Yes, okay, my cat is drooling on my keyboard and that's not ideal BUT THIS IS MY PROCESS, okay?

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If you enjoyed my kelpie and want more horsey fantasy, @Teryl_Pacieco wrote a really fun unicorn story today.

Also they put out new microfiction *every day* and it's amazing, so they're worth checking out regardless if you want a little more magic in your life!

Moonlight shimmered off her silver fur, even under the fluorescent lights of the Drive-Thru. Her thin, sharp horn tip tapped against the glass politely.

I slid my window open and the unicorn placed a folded bill into my hand, gazing through long gold lashes at me.

"Keep the change," she said.

"O-okay," I stammered, handing over her order.

"Oh did I say no cheese?"

"You did."

"Good!" she exclaimed and trotted off into the darkness.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

@aldersprig I haven't read much of her work but I enjoyed Karen Memory -- I'll give it a go. I really love shapeshifting murder river horses.

@aldersprig ^_^ I'm a sucker for Kelpie stories. It's kind of crazy that I haven't done a microfiction about one until now.

Magpies are unseen but very heard as they clamber about the roof with heavy thuds and crashes.

Though they haven't identified themselves with a call, the familiar and I both seem to know it's them. Merlin is watching the ceiling and making the chattering sound, looking back at me frequently to check that I understand our house is under siege from (in his mind) the most nefarious villains.


The horse snorted and struck its hoof on the ground. 'You think I mean to drown you.'

'That's what you are, isn't it?'

'And what are you?' asked the horse. 'An office man, some would say. Yet here you are, feral and bargaining with a riverside fae.'

'Bargaining?' The man's question was cautious.

'You are running, are you not? I will bear you to whatever you seek, if you give me one thing in trade.'


'Friendship,' the horse replied. 'I sense you need it as much as I.'

His feet were sore and blistered in his shredded shoes. His shirt was bramble-torn and leaf-stained, his trousers dirty and frayed.

The river was a mirage-like solace, too good to be true. He knelt on the bank and lowered cupped hands into the cool water.

After he had drunk his fill, he turned to see a horse, fur as dark as the blackest mud, with rushes tangled in its mane.

'I've heard of you,' said the man. 'I won't ride you, no matter how sore I am.'


The house martins are at the stage where they're mostly fledged and out tearing around the sky. When they're back in the walls, it's mostly to groom and shuffle around and sleep.

The noises they make now are more strange, insectoid clicks and scratching. If they didn't occasionally bump into each other and get into birdy shouting-matches, I would genuinely be worried I'm a character in a horror movie right before they get eaten.

At least I'm not investigating 'that strange sound' πŸ˜…

We went out during the full moon a few days ago. It was hard to find at first -- lower in the sky than we expected, and casting less light.

My partner kept asking me: 'Are you sure it's the full moon?'


When we found it, it was of course the partial lunar eclipse shaping it into a Cheshire-cat grin.

On the way home, we saw another couple out and staring at the sky. 'It's meant to be a full moon! Where is it?' one of them cried as we passed.

πŸŒ• πŸŒƒ πŸ’™

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