Okay all! I am not completely sure of Misskey at the moment, so I'm going to move my main to @vicorva for the time being and see how I get on (especially seeing as so many of my awesome tootfriends are from there).

Setting up the account redirect now. ^_^

ill, moving instances 

Hey all, so part of our roof caved in recently and we gotta get it fixed before we get heavy winter weather, plus I'm looking to buy a new car. So, fundraising ahoy!


Anything $9 or over, feel free to leave me a prompt! You'll get at least 100 words per $1, in fic or analysis as you wish!!

re: witcher 

re: witcher 

re: witcher 

re: witcher 

re: witcher 


re: ill 

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you something reassuring. ✨

@MmeLibertine awesome. Got my next game after Hitman 2 lined up. Exciting!

The familiar has been sitting on me since I got home.

If I shift position, he follows. So we've had chest, hip, shoulder, and now foot.

He's a good little guy.

Volunteering update (+), mh (-) 

Volunteering update (+), mh (-) 

@MmeLibertine is it possible to skip 1 and still play 2? I think I already own 2

Successful trial session at the charity bookshop. Very very tired, will report back when I get home!

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