@ghost_bird I think that's a good way to be! It's easy to miss or disregard wildlife but I feel like it's really interesting to pay attention to the other creatures you share space with.

@ghost_bird Your wildlife toots are so lovely. I would love a garden for just this reason so it's wonderful to get little details like this.

I think ... I might actually be done with the publishing process? I might ... have finished?

That was EXHAUSTING. I hope it's worth it and it all goes smoothly on the 22nd!

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you something beautiful to behold. ✨

Joh called, 'Don't forget to listen to the manager!' today on his way out.

I replied: 'I thought this was a one-day thing!'

He laughed. 'What? No! It went great. Do what Merlin says!'

So I guess my cat's my manager again today, which is irritating because I had big plans to overwork myself today (not joking) and Merlin will make me take breaks.

No, you are definitely doing it right. Plant friend looks very happy ^_^

Helpful plant friend is helping me proofread this paper.

@kellerfuchs true, but you probably don't usually expect to feed your manager πŸ˜…

@kellerfuchs highly recommended, though they will expect you to serve them meals.

The manager has arrived to get me to finish work for the day, which is irritating because there's more I want to do. He's in charge though.

@phyrry it has so far, to my surprise, worked out pretty well. XD

@acciomath Only in the sleepy one! Every other picture is one of a very blurry series attempting to catch him in the act. πŸ˜…

@acciomath Isn't he? :D He's hard to get good pictures of because if he realises I'm looking at him he squirms for cuddles.

Having this guy as my manager today has actually gone really well? Got a lot of work done and my breaks were focused on cat cuddles, rather than spent scrolling social media or just skipped altogether.

An hour left of work. Overall pretty happy with this weird experiment.

The manager says it's lunch, so I'm feeding him then gonna prepare something for myself. It's earlier than I would like, but he's the boss today.

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