@b Fun! I like black nail varnish but I always prefer it with glitter. Glitter makes everything better.

If you love spooky-sweet stories, you might enjoy my upcoming novel, BOOKS & BONE.

It's got loyal zombie companions, necromancer town meetings, and people who love books and adore their sprawling crypt of a home.

It's on , it's 100% complete, and the first chapter is available to read for free.

It's warm and weird and I can't wait to publish it. I'd really appreciate your support.


Blessings and buckets of sparkles on everyone who shares pet pictures. ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

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@Anke That's lovely! No birds audible here at the moment, but Merlin's especially cuddly which is a good start to the day.

In positive news, I got 2 more audiobook narration jobs lined up!

I now have part-time work for about 6 months. Which is VERY VERY reassuring and is how I usually operate.

Work panic officially over.

πŸŽ™οΈ πŸ“š

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@InspectorCaracal the only person I want to see write this is you XD

Also, love the inclusion of Data.

This heliamphora is growing no less than 7 new pitchers. Seven! It's delightful to see a pitcher plant so happy. πŸ’š

An undead banishing but the revenant is crying the whole time 'cause its feelings are hurt.

"WHY couldn't someone just ASK ME to go? With a NOTE or something? I came back from DEATH to hang out with you guys again and you're MEAN!"

@leadore Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them. It was definitely a fun creative exercise. :D

@Eutrapelie Hello! :) I'm afraid I have done all 10 prompts. I'll probably do this again soon though!

Support trans artists! Here are some excellent folks I know from birdsite, writing classes, etc.

Die Booth: I loved his book Spirit Houses! lulu.com/spotlight/diebooth

Erika Price: disordercomic.wordpress.com/

Rose Lemberg: roselemberg.net/?page_id=319

Aleksei ValentΓ­n: patreon.com/levandalekseicreat

Bogi TakΓ‘cs: patreon.com/bogiperson

@bastlynn :D I wish I could keep going and do everyone's prompts but it turns out 10 was quite tiring! Hopefully next time. :)

@bastlynn I'm afraid I have done all 10 prompts. I'll probably do this again soon though!

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