(An additional microfiction today because @RussSharek asked nicely and it's that easy to manipulate me. πŸ˜… I feel like I have more clown magic in me so perhaps there will be another in the future.)

The ritual began with paint.

Smeared across the eyes, across the lips, exaggerating the features, exaggerating the magic.

Then a nose to draw the eye: look here. Look at me. A mind-snare, but with a gentle purpose.

The rest varied: there might be hair, feather-fine and rainbow-hued. There might be shoes like flippers for land, to give the agility to fall *just* so.

But always, the paint and the nose.

Look at me.

It was a spell to fill a heart with laughter.

It's another day!

Should I write:

(Also, big thanks to everyone who boosts and votes and takes part! I love doing this. ^_^ )

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you a moment to breathe ✨

re: audiobook narration, transphobia 

re: audiobook narration, transphobia (--) 

audiobook narration, transphobia 

@trini That must be lovely to see. I'm pretty sure these were going to use the zebra crossing which I wish I'd gotten to stick around for!

There were swans wandering past the bus stop today, just on a stroll with their teenagers.

They waddled up to the bus stop, hung out a while, then headed for the zebra crossing. Cars went past, buses, PEOPLE -- they were unconcerned.

Almost missed my bus because I was so taken with them. I didn't get to see whether they actually used the zebra crossing but they sure looked like they were about to!

I will remember the sound of their feet slapping the pavement in times of need.

@aldersprig You should be! It's so clean and has great scrolls at the sides. :)

@MmeLibertine :psyduck: this is relatable content. I hope you found your motivation.

@jrss I like having ko-fi! I get a little through it now and again, usually when I ask specifically like I did today. It's just a nice way to get one-off tips from people, and a little goes a long way for me. :)

@starfall @Anke Ahh, I stand corrected. Out of curiosity: did the definition shift or does it just means both and always has?

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