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Good morning, :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you a beautiful sight. ✨


So I made a Twine poetry "game"

There are several endings, but at the heart it is a poem.

It's called Girl Pixel and is about female gamers.

#poetry #corvusrobotica

It is free.

The family business is raising the dead; Ree has other ambitions. She’s going to resurrect the ancient magic of shapeshifting, but might doom her necromantic hometown in the process.

BOOKS & BONE is a librarians-and-necromancy fantasy with warmth and weirdness.

It is 100% written and complete and is currently looking for backers on to cover the costs of publishing. I would really appreciate your support!

Thanks to everyone who has supported so far. 💙

I realized I don't have enough money to pay my rent, so if you want to help me you can either:
- buy something from my shop
- support me on ko-fi
- boost this toot
Thanks a lot and have some cute foxes 💙
#mastoArt #creativeToots

Aha! 2 books have turned up at once that I actually want to audition for!

That's Monday's plan, I guess.

🎙️ 📚

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Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you good news ✨

“Demons don’t have hearts.”

The nurse would be back any second now. The window of opportunity would be closed.

The patient should have been unconscious. She opened one eye and regarded the surgeon.

“Untrue. Demons generally don’t have souls. But we do have hearts. And brains. We were a template, you see. A practice round.”

“I see.” The doctor thought she did. She also saw that the body in front of her was failing. One slip and she would have a corpse on her table -


Black magic, secret libraries, and small town charm in a city of the dead. A necromancer’s daughter stands against family and friends to defend a young historian from the world above.

BOOKS & BONE is a 100% written and complete novel looking for backers on .

At the moment I'm aiming for the first stretch goal (!) to pay for ISBNs so that I won't have to publish Amazon-exclusive. Your help would be very welcome!

Thanks to all who have supported so far. 💙

Yesterday’s is brought to you by the letter C!


The idiom for the day is: Cat nap.

The wordcount goal is: 500 words.

Looking for a specific Letter? All letters are tagged; for interest, G: thimblefulthursday.wordpress.c

A specific wordcount? Those are tagged too: thimblefulthursday.wordpress.c

Check out the !

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you time for comfort and warmth. ✨

Going to go crawl into bed and hide under the duvet until the day is over.

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Tootplanet Resumes! Show more

Hey mastopeeps, and assorted other fedizens the latest installment of my superhero serial Tales of the First is Up. Why not check it out?

:blobcatpeek: hello

My funded and I get to publish my librarians-and-necromancy fantasy novel, BOOKS & BONE! 🎉

It is strange and spooky but also very warm.

Currently it will publish as Amazon exclusive unless I hit my first stretch goal. Support is still very much appreciated and backers are guaranteed a DRM-free copy of the ebook no matter what.

:blobcatpeek: ok thanks

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you breaks when you need them, and the space to think. ✨

Alright, fuck it let's do this. If you got a patreon, ko-fi, liberapay or whatever, reply with it and I will boost. Cannot promise donations, but I will use what reach I have to help if I can. Let's actually build that support network I was talking about earlier.

I encourage others to boost this status and all the posts that end up beneath it to get as wide a spread as possible.

Not sure if this will even work, but I feel like I should at least try.

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