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Thanks for voting for cute fantasy creature in the poll today! I might do another one the next time I plan to write a microfiction.

(PS if you enjoyed this microfiction, please do consider supporting me on or !)


You hold out your phone. It ribbits, chest bobbing, then leaps for you. It hits the phone with a wet slap and vanishes inside. The charge bar on your phone fills up, then it crawls back out of the screen, long feet splayed.

Hesitantly, you touch its head. Its eyes squeeze in happiness. Your fingertip has a gentle prickling sensation, not entirely unpleasant.

It stays with you for a long time, climbing back into your phone whenever the battery gets low. All it seems to want is company.

There's a crackle of electricity as you look up from your phone. Just as you realise it's coming from your computer, something bursts from the screen in a flash of light and trailing lightning.

It lands with a plop on your desk. It's a frog, lit up from inside like a firefly. It blinks at you slowly, first one eye and then the other.

Before you can move, it leaps again, this time vanishing with a hum and snap into your speakers. It emerges again a moment later.


A little over 5 mins left and friendly ghosts has almost caught up cute fantasy creatures.

I have decided polls are very fun. Thanks to all who voted.

We have polls on the :tootplanet: now! So I thought we could try something.

Today, should I write a that is:

(Quality not guaranteed 😅 )

Joh re-blued my hair on Saturday and though I definitely need to redo it properly with bleach soon it feels good to have aggressively blue hair again.

Gave me the confidence to get through quite a stressful family/church thing (Joh's mum is a minister).

Only an hour left to vote in my microfiction poll. I'm so excited about the whole process!

Cute fantasy creature is winning right now so if you want me to write something else, your vote is extra important!

About to start a big session now, but I just wanted to say:

✨ People who comment on my writing are awesome
📚 People who buy my books are wonderful
🦄 people who boost and share my writing are magical
✅ people who review mypublished works are excellent
:dragn: people who support me on patreon etc are badass

Thanks so much to anyone who has done the above for me or any other writer. You're the best. 💙

I've been building up notebooks and small goodies for the raffle all year too, so hopefully people will like the offerings. ^_^

We do a system where everyone gets a strip of tickets and one ticket from every person goes into a hat to be done first. This way everybody gets something! Then all the rest of the tickets (including any extra purchased) get all mixed together.

We also do a blind book swap which is always fun.

Can't wait for this year! :D

Ahhh! Booked the venue for our Halfway Party (we dress up in masquerade, eat lots of sweets, and write loads!)

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you emotional support or someone to back you up ✨

Giggling to myself because when the first vote came in it just said '100% about friendly ghosts' which is a Mood.

We have polls on the :tootplanet: now! So I thought we could try something.

Today, should I write a that is:

(Quality not guaranteed 😅 )

In other Toot Planet news: we now have Limited Registrations open!

What this means is, aside from being able to get an invite at any point from anyone on, there will be a weekly-updated public invite code good for 5 new registrations.

@hummingrain @vicorva Oh, for hiring artists: you can also troll hashtags like ArtistForHire or CommissionsOpen on Twitter/Mastodon, which has the benefit of being more likely to find you prices & artists who are looking for work.

Remember, when commissioning an artist for a cover, that you are licensing their art to use for the cover & marketing purposes. You both need to sign a contract for this. It doesn't need to be complicated and you can do it by email, but get it in writing.

@hummingrain @vicorva

Also on covers: do market research. Go to Amazon, or a physical bookstore, and look at the covers of a LOT of books in your genre and subgenre. Make a note of what qualities they have in common. Do they use illustrations or abstract designs? Are figures in closeups or shown at a distance Is the text in ALL CAPS orTitle Case? What other text is common beyond the title & author name? Etc.

You want your book cover to visually identify it as part of its subgenre.

@hummingrain @vicorva For book covers, there are many routes:

* Premade cover sites, like
* Make your own, using your own art/photos/designs, or public doman/stock photo sites.
* Troll art sites (I second the recommendation of artstation and deviantart for this) and commission an artist. Bear in mind that "illustration" and "graphic design" are two different skill sets, and you may want to hire people for both.

@hummingrain The most user-friendly self-publishing software for novels is Vellum. It's spendy and only available for Macs (but you can use a service like macinthecloud to rent time on a mac). If you don't want to do print books, there are free mobi/epub formatting programs that aren't too hard to use, as @vicorva

it's not actually smooth jazz, it's actually great

(I'll actually probably put it into infinite looper)

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