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Today people are posting about their , so I'll repost my info here for funsies:

I write horror and dark fantasy. My current NaNovel synopsis: "A southern town drives itself toward self-destruction after the violent death of a local pastor and the divisive sermons of his replacement. The dark heart of the town is revealed as petty spats become violent, and something evil lurks just beyond the shadows."

I'm thinking sort of 'Salem's Lot by way of Jonestown with werewolves.

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I suppose I should do a proper .

I'm a recently out , a , and a sometimes currently in the middle of . My three biggest interests are , , and . My favorite genre is .

You can read my blog at whirlingnerdish.blogspot.com.


This is my current phone background. it makes me so happy.

Superheroes are my favorite thing. When they're good, they're so joyful, so fun, so good. I love them.

I'm coming up with superhero names for a Thing I'm working on, and oh my God it's such a blast.

I think I remember the New 52 covering super early intern-like work Clark did, but I'm pretty sure that was post schooling--if he had any at all? Hmm...

You know, I've been thinking about something...do any comics cover Clark Kent's college years? He became a journalist, so I assume he went to journalism school? But I'm not sure I can recall any comics that explore that off the top of my head?

This is a fascinating thread. I actually loved the pink elephants sequence as a kid.


Sadly, the Marville trade only includes 6 of the 7 issues.

Issue 7 is the submission guidelines for Epic Comics--Marvel's new publishing initiative they launched in 2002 or 2003.

The third issue looks like this. The ENTIRE issue looks like this, and it's ONLY for this issue.

In the first issue, Ted Turner and Jane Fonda send their son (Kal-AOL...GET IT???) back in time to the 2000's because meteors were destroying the earth in the future. In the 2nd issue, Black Panther and Iron Man are stopped from being assholes by Rush Limbaugh.

This comic starts as a parody in the first two issues. Issue 3, rather than publishing word bubbles, just prints the script over the images. Issues 4 & 5 are a bizarre philosophical treatise on creation and religion, and issue 6 is literally just a recap.

I hate myself a little bit, but I found a used trade of Marville at my LCS and...well...I couldn't help myself.

It's Women's March day and I'm proud to be among the protesters that walked today.

I love the jokes about Superman finding his underwear, but I realized while reading Peter Tomasi's Rebirth run he totally addresses that Supes still has his red trunks suit. Jon even makes fun of him for the suit with the "underwear."

I don’t think I can overshare this Pia Guerra cover...

"@Miexriir@twitter.com Last night I went to a party where everyone had to prepare a 3 minute lecture on something they were passionate about.

I won best presentation."

Okay but this legit sounds like an amazing party.


Here's my pitch for Justice League 2: Whoopi Goldberg as Granny Goodness.

On lighter news:

This is pretty incredible. You have to check these different colorings out.


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