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Whirling Nerdish @whirlingnerdish

I suppose I should do a proper .

I'm a recently out , a , and a sometimes currently in the middle of . My three biggest interests are , , and . My favorite genre is .

You can read my blog at whirlingnerdish.blogspot.com.


I'm not sure I've really got the hang of this instance thing down. I think I'll mostly be posting at whirlingnerdish@mastodon.social? But maybe not? Still getting my trunk legs, as it were.


I generally write horror and dark fantasy. This is the synopsis from my NaNo page: "A southern town drives itself toward self-destruction after the violent death of a local pastor and the divisive sermons of his replacement. The dark heart of the town is revealed as petty spats become violent, and something evil lurks just beyond the shadows."

I'm thinking sort of 'Salem's Lot by way of Jonestown with werewolves.

@whirlingnerdish ooh that sounds interesting. I've read a little bit of southern gothic horror but that's about all; it reminds me of them in premise

Thank you!

Southern Gothic is such a neat genre. Very atmospheric. It works really well in movies.

I don't know if the book is as good as the premise makes it sound, but I suppose that's what editing is for. 😅