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I hate myself a little bit, but I found a used trade of Marville at my LCS and...well...I couldn't help myself.

Whirling Nerdish @whirlingnerdish

This comic starts as a parody in the first two issues. Issue 3, rather than publishing word bubbles, just prints the script over the images. Issues 4 & 5 are a bizarre philosophical treatise on creation and religion, and issue 6 is literally just a recap.

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@whirlingnerdish that cursing was unnecessary and I apologize but SERIOUSLY. It's like Kare Kano xD

@InspectorCaracal You don't ever have to apologize for cursing around me, lol.

I don't know what a Gainax anime is, but if it's as hilarious an inept as Marville, it must be amazing. 😂

In the first issue, Ted Turner and Jane Fonda send their son (Kal-AOL...GET IT???) back in time to the 2000's because meteors were destroying the earth in the future. In the 2nd issue, Black Panther and Iron Man are stopped from being assholes by Rush Limbaugh.

The third issue looks like this. The ENTIRE issue looks like this, and it's ONLY for this issue.

Sadly, the Marville trade only includes 6 of the 7 issues.

Issue 7 is the submission guidelines for Epic Comics--Marvel's new publishing initiative they launched in 2002 or 2003.