This is my current phone background. it makes me so happy.

The third issue looks like this. The ENTIRE issue looks like this, and it's ONLY for this issue.

Made a pumpkin pie to go with dinner tonight. The crust seems to have come out better. I appreciate the tips!

This little fella was supposed to be a knight, but he kinda looks more like he's practicing S&M.

1. Cap or Supes
2. Holtzman (GB)
3. Oracle (Babs)
4. T'Challa
5. Storm
6. John Stewart (GL)

Going into space to take on Darkseid & Thanos's inevitable team up. We're going to win bc we've got gods & science & space cops & magic & dad friends!

If I've been quiet on here it's because I've been really busy recently. We've been going all evening nearly every day. Because, you see...IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!!

My wife and I are watching THE SANTA CLAUSE 2, and somehow I remembered the boring romance plot, but forgot about the Toy Santa becoming a Nazi-esque North Pole Tyrant.

Oh no! Things are looking bad for Martha/Amber. Nooo! Sweet prince, remember...

Here's a thing: I love Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movies. All terrible, all beautiful.

HEY FRANDOS! Remember when I said a week or so back that Batman and Superman are at their best when they're close friends with differing ideologies but a healthy respect for each other?

This is from Tom King's newest Batman issue (# 36). If you're not reading this run, I've really enjoyed what I've read and would recommend it.

IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME. I have to work today, but we're up early to put up the tree and decorate!

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