The deer are lazy and not hungry this afternoon. I think the toddler is a tiny bit disappointed that they wont eat the grass they're trying to feed them.

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Today we went to IKEA, and we almost didn't buy anything we didn't plan to buy before leaving home. So that went well.

(The "almost" refers to a few small mirrors, that have been discussed without decision, and a small lamp that was entirely spontaneous (The lamp was ~€2))

So that was a good trip! :blobheartcat:

The problem with building huge spiraling walls in Minecraft is that there's no natural place to stop spiraling outwards. The walls just keep growing!

@InspectorCaracal So, how much money would I have to throw where to receive a copy of your minecraft textures?
They're pretty great, those I've seen so far :blobaww:

- Wake up
- cough worse than yesterday
- breakfast with fresh bread delayed, had oats
- cold and rainy outside as I bike to the station
- arrive in work-town, power's out on the station, can't register my end-of-travel with the national semi-automatic travel-tracking-system
- arrive at office, power's out in the whole building
- less than an hours battery left on computer, because I was playing pokémon last night and didn't charge it

This is gonna be a nice day.

And good morning :tootplanet: ❤️

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I want to use :getintherobot: , but the shortcode confuses me. What robot? Is it a threat or an order? :gonk:

On the topic of pens - I took home some ballpoint pens with my employers logo on them a while back, and according to @nuhn, they're the best ballpoint pens ever!!!1!*

So today I finally got my boss to find the link to where they ordered them.
The domain name literally translates to "Cheap Ballpoint Pens . dk" [ ]

(* I might be exaggerating here. I might not be.)

I tried to sit down and write code, but @nuhn was watching Ru Paul's Drag Race, so that might have been a tiny bit distracting.

I kinda want to work on the garden game, but I also want to play Guild Wars 2.

But Guild Wars 2 is downloading, because I didn't have it installed.

So I could play Pokémon Emerald (on an emulator) while it downloads, or I could buckle up and do something productive with the garden game.

I don't know what to do :(

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The two tiniest members of the household* are sleeping. I think I will do a chore or two, and then relax with some Voltron before going to bed myself.

(A certain Nuhn is the second tiniest. I don't think she has notifications on, but I don't want to risk making her phone buzz by tagging her)

aaaaaa I'm stuck here wanting some form of closure from using my computer for the day, but the internet never eeeeeends

I should post more selfies.

I'm getting a haircut tomorrow (for the first time in almost 4 years), so that's a good opportunity to post a selfie or two, right?

I kinda want to make a page, where I embed _all the draxels_ [insert meme image here], but it feels like it would be stealing other people's draxels.


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