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@vicorva If I have just named an entire genre, I will be very proud. And I would like to read more in that genre 🖤

Public display of affection 

Hi. Hello. I feel like I'm semi starved of meaningful social interactions with people who aren't family.

Hi *waves*

I wish I could scope a post to "followers only, but not Nuhn", so I could talk to y'all about something that is not at all related to Nuhn's upcoming birthday.

I've been thinking of trying to have a bit more structured approach to how I use my sparse free time, so here's how I'll try to divide the few hours of free time I have in the weekdays:

Monday: Empty ( very likely tired after PE with toddler )
Tuesday: Programming, game related
Wednesday: Music!! (play that funky bass, white boy)
Thursday: Programming, social web related
Friday: Movie Night with @nuhn

The goal is only to touch the subjects, no minimum time requirements.

Good news everyone*!

My stubble is now the perfect length to emulate The Cactus Experience™

(* except @nuhn, she feels the pain)

I must sleep now. Tooteloo, tootles, and to all a good night! :blobcatpeek: :blobcatmelt:

Original danish, pre-translation 

2yo: "Me step on my lego"

I'm simultaneously proud they can say it and sorry that they hurt their foot.


Did you know? Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is actually not a bad game, despite being released in 1998.

Ugh. It's past eleven, I've been at work for three hours, and I just realized I'm still wearing glasses - I forgot to change to contact lenses this morning :(

I like that 2 out of 3 games on @InspectorCaracal 's page has tea in them.

(Does the flower game has tea? I don't think so)

Parenting, dinosaurs 

Good morning & sick kid 



Oh look! A whole drawer of things that aren't a huge mess!

(Let's just ignore the rest of the house, right?)

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