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I'm the curious cow! @zatnosk@tootplanet.space

The radio just told me about a metal concert happening somewhere in Denmark next year. The lineup is

> Behemoth, At The Gates & Wolves in the Throneroom.

Sounds dangerous o_o

I chose this profile picture mostly as a joke, but the more I get used to it, the more it feels like it actually represents who I am in comfortable company.

(=> tootplanet is comfortable company :blobheartcat: )

SOMEONE started the christmas playlist.
I'm not looking at you, @nuhn....

Dammit! Now he fell asleep almost immediately again today. I'm supposed to go back and forth between programming and soothing the kid, not "putting the kid in bed, soothing a bit, sitting down at computer, aaaand [quiet] sleeping toddler".

How am I going to get anything done this way?
Now I have to go downstairs and do actual chores >:(

There's water damage in the canteen kitchen, so no regular lunch today. But the boss went for sandwiches and I'm listening to Jethro Tull - Aqualung (). So far, it's been a good day!

I hope all of y'all have a good day too :)
(Especially you, @nuhn, you lovely hobbit you!)

Sometimes listening to Iron Maiden just feels like a whole other experience than "regular music". It's like there's a special magic in their sound, that reverberates in my mind, like it's approaching the resonant frequency of my soul in that moment.

: Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

It is now eight o'clock and aaaaall is weeeeell
[shouted distantly by a middleaged medieval townsguard]

Senp.. I mean, The Inspect.. I mean, Inspector Gadge.. I mean, Cal has noticed me (that is, my being here, planetside).

Let's see if he ever notices the follow request :fingertent:

I still don't think Inspector Gadget has realized I'm here.

(Let's see how many days it takes for Cal to notice my presence here and do something about my follow request (shh, nobody tell him!) (Yes, I assume he'll accept it, he already lets multiple of my other accounts follow him))

In the meantime, imaginary tea! :blobcoffee:

Goodmorning planeteers and nearby moons!

The Tuny Human is growing a new teeth, so sleep was spotty this night. But I'm full of love for the kid and my dear fiancee, so the mood is good and so will the day be!

How are you all this [timezone appropriate section of day]?

Hello beauties! :blobcatpeek:

Today, I'm two years old and this is my new secret identity! :fingertent:

This is my (very lacking)