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Second selfie of the year. Seems like I need to speed up my game a little to reach 50.
This selfie is specifically a train selfie from my commute this morning. Headset is playing the "Friends At The Table" podcast.

Including a five minute intro by the most beloved and famous nerd in Denmark, Jakob Stegelmann.

The Hu, a New Breakthrough Band from Mongolia, Plays Heavy Metal with Traditional Folk Instruments and Throat Singing

Sometimes I get the odd feeling that I know the plot and details of the first four harry potter books better than the last three.

Then I remember that I read the first four in my native language 5-6 times each before the fifth was released.
And then the last three were consumed within 48 hours of their respective global releases; in my second language (english).

That might make for a slight imbalance of recollection.

me: *working on a website for @nuhn *

her: It needs to clearly state that this game is still under contruction.

me: *starts searching for gifs as the 90's kid I am*

[2 minutes later]

me: *turns computer*

her: Oh Honey! ... I can't look at it. Make it go away!

(Based on real events. I might have paraphrased a bit.)

I miss the timeline over on my own instance :( I should get it fixed, but I'm so tired, ans there's so much other stuff to do.

(Such as watch british gardening shows on netflix with @nuhn , you know, important stuff!)

WHaaaaaat, I just found out there's a new living world episode out a week from now!

Already!? I'm not even sure I've finished the last one yet.

And I definitely don't have the roller beetle yet. And they showed it in the trailer, so I bet it'll all be better with the roller beetle.

idea that im too late to execute: queue up a movie that is set in $year+1 so that the moment the new year hits, the opening narration says "the year is $year+1"

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Mhmm, sitting in a soft chair, drinking a cup of coffee, watching The Tiny Human play.

Not the worst day :blobcoffee:

I really should get around to fix my own instance. The timeline over there is just so much better curated than those of my alts.

When you look away for 1 second and find your toddler in a ditch head first.
Luckily no water but lot of leaves made it soft. He was laughing when I pulled him up. Good heavens kid, you're gonna be my end!

Is it cultural appropriation to append "-ski" to a word and call it russian?


Space Wormski

SOMEONE played some Abba music earlier today, so now my brain is going
"Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight..."

I am amused by all the sonic content in my timeline

And once again I only just finished what I wanted to do tonight a few minutes before bedtime.

So no time to play Civilization 6 tonight either :( Damn you, self-disciplin!

Oh no! The heating pad has thawed my bladder, now I need to go to the toilet :(

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