Oooooh, Pokémon! I started playing Pokémon Emerald and it's giving me all the nostalgic feels I could hope for PLUS the magic of not really knowing the pokémons and not at all knowing the plot or map. Wonderful!

Only disapointment so far is that my second Wurmple also evolved into a Silcoon.

( Gotta catch 'em all, gotta catch 'em a-all! 🎶 )

I need to make a map of SSH keys and access permissions. This is getting ridiculous.

Good job, self. Why did you get the idea that restoring the old .authorized_keys file was a good idea, just after finally getting access?

And without verifying that that other pubkey in there corresponded to one you had on your laptop.

Good. Fucking. Job.

(I had access. Now I don't. Fuck me.)

Tfw you get an sms, so you swipe over to the notifications column and wonder for a split second why there's nothing new here.

Plot twist: There's a world outside Tusky :holycow:

Oh hey. I found out why the mastodon server died.

... The disk is full. 230gb of shit I need to clean up. Most of that is probably mastodon media from the last two years. Thanks for just dying without warning, mastodon, maybe do better next time.

Uploading the public key to my website just to share it with a computer in a different room is a totally sane way to do keysharing, right?

Oh ffs. seems to be permanently malfunctioning. And the only computer with SSH keys to connect to it doesn't have a working battery, and needs to be plugged in at all times to work.

I don't have time to fix this shit >.<

I managed to go out running yesterday. Now my legs are sore and the bike-part of my commute is probably going to be painful...

Good moo-rning, planeteers, nearby-moon inhabitants and other satellite dwellers.

Today, the tiniest moo-person slept all the way to 7:30, so that's a good start.

I wish you all a pleasant and enjoyable saturday! :blobheartcat:

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Tired and unmotivated. I don't like how this feels like a trend these days... :/

I keep forgetting that we're going to watch Game of Thrones tonight when the toddler sleeps and all the chores are done!

Work work work!

Maura Labingi
Banazir Galbassi
Kalimac Brandagamba
Razanur Tûk

Those are some names, huh?

Maura Labingi
Banazir Galbassi
Kalimac Brandagamba
Razanur Tûk

Those are some names, huh?

(Which incidentally gives an upper bound for my age, since the first version of CSS was created 22 years ago. I've only been using it for 15 years, though.)

I just realised that I've used HTML and CSS for more than half my life. That's a long time :pikacoffee:

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