(please tell me if this usage of :blobheartcat: doesn't align with your reading of it...! (Argh, go away social anxiety!))

I love the :blobheartcat: emoji, because it feels like I can express platonic/friendly love/affection/warmth towards friends and semi-strangers, without it getting creepy or inappropriate.

That's otherwise a scary thing for me as a *gasp* cishet man.

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Still find it EXTREMELY EXCITING that you can put magic words and sticky money on a physical item and put it in one of probably hundreds of thousands of networked boxes around the world, and an army of minions will efficiently convey it to the intended recipient within days.

IT WORKS! My new computer now runs linux and can actually boot.

Now I just need to find time to fix manowar.social.
Probably when the Tiny Human sleeps.

Oh right. Certificates need to be renewed from time to time. What a bother.

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... I fear @nuhn is reading faster than @aldersprig can write.

And that actually says a lot!

Good thing Lyn has a 10 year headstart, or we'd be in trouble soon...

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So, serious question, y'all Show more

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Turns out, finding nice looking vests that aren't just sleeveless jackets.. Is hard.

ANCIENT NORSE: Cmon dude, everybody knows there are nine worlds. Fire World, Ice World, Giant World, Death World, Light World, Dark World, Mist World, Peace God World, War God Palace, and Boring World. That's where we live.

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I saw a minute of Queer Eyes earlier today, and just watching two men talk about feelings, opening up and being vulnerable on television, gave me feels (as the young interweb people say).

To everyone opposing toxic masculinity: thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Carry on :)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, my server changed IP, and I don't have time to fix it (and I'd had to wait for DNS to propagate), and I'm waiting for a drawing, and I don't know if it's already finished :gonk: :psyduck:

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