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Code of Conduct

TL;DR: No bots, no harassment, don't be an asshole.

No Public Automated Accounts

Don't: Automated accounts that post at the "public" privacy level (rather than "unlisted", "followers only" or "direct") are not allowed and will be suspended, not silenced, as will any automated accounts that are not marked as such. Any automated accounts must also only @ mention people in reply to having been @ mentioned first, and cannot follow other accounts without an explicit opt-in mechanism.

Do: Hooking your account here up to whatever site you share your work on - WordPress, Patreon, tumblr, etc. is totally okay! Automated toots linking to your posts are fine, as long as they aren't continually reposting it.

No Parody Accounts

Don't: If you want to make a joke account impersonating someone, there are other instances. This is not the one. Styling your account as a celebrity - using their name and photo as your account info - is also not allowed.

Do: Fictional character accounts are okay, but should be labelled such in their bio.

No Harassment

Don't: Continually tooting at someone who has asked you to stop, continuing a conversation despite the other person trying to bow out, threats, unwanted insults, and hate speech all constitute harassment. Any of these things can (and will!) get you banned.

Do: If you want to trash talk with your friends, that's A-OK.

Be Considerate

Don't: Posting inflammatory content, deliberately refusing to use content warnings or NSFW flags on anything that would reasonably be expected to upset or offend people, continuing offensive behavior even after being requested by an admin or moderator to stop, and generally being a complete asshole is in fact a bannable offense.

Do: Post anything you want - within the legal limitations of the United States of America and your own location of residence - BEHIND an informative content warning or NSFW tag.

"Content Warning" Policy

This section is not an addition to the existing rules.

There have been a number of questions over the past months asking for specific details about what sort of content should be posted behind a content warning, which has led me to believe a more detailed explanation of how the "Be Considerate" rule applies to the use of Content Warnings is required.

The only Content Warnings required by the rules here are for posts containing genuinely sensitive material. Graphic depictions of nudity, violence, injury, gore, and bodily fluids, both verbal and visual, must be behind an informative content warning.

The application of "Be Considerate" to the use of Content Warnings is as follows:

- If you think that the content of your post may legitimately upset or emotionally harm some people, you should put it behind an informative content warning.
- If someone politely requests that you put certain kinds of content behind a content warning, you should either do so, or consult with the Toot Planet moderation as to whether the other person's request is reasonable.
- If someone verbally attacks or harasses you for not using a content warning, THAT person is in the wrong and should be reported for violating the "Be Considerate" rule. This is true whether their expectation of your using a content warning is reasonable or not. A reasonable position does not excuse unreasonable behavior.
- Actively refusing to use a content warning despite knowing that your content is harming others is a violation of the "Be Considerate" rule and can get you suspended.

You may also put anything behind a content warning that you wish, whether it is required or not. There aren't any rules about NOT using content warnings; you can put every single thing you post behind a content warning if you want to. I really don't think this needs to be specified, but better safe than sorry?

Reportable Offenses

This section covers what is permitted in the Federation, and what you can report to have silenced.

No Public Automated Accounts

I know, I know, this is the same heading. Following bot accounts is perfectly fine, but if you see any bots posting to the Federation, go ahead and report them. The official policy on regular bot accounts is to silence them; follow-bots are suspended with prejudice.

Anything failing the "Be Considerate" rule.

Especially illegal or untagged graphic content. If you're unsure if you should report it, please do. This includes all forms of hate speech and harassment, whether targetted at a person on Toot Planet or not.

Accounts with illegal content will be suspended.

Accounts with hate speech or harassment of remote accounts will be silenced. Accounts aiming any of these things at members of Toot Planet will be suspended. If members from a particular instance violate these rules often or severely enough, the instance will be silenced.

Blocked Instances

pawoo.net - no media (legality issues)
baraag.net - no media (legality issues)
anitwitter.moe - silence, no media (anti-moderation, allows spam, encourages unmarked sensitive imagery)
shitposter.club - suspend (encourages harassment)
sealion.club - suspend (encourages harassment)
freezepeach.xyz - suspend (encourages harassment)
rainbowdash.net - suspend (encourages harassment)
social.heldscal.la - suspend (encourages harassment)
unsafe.space - suspend (encourages harassment)
wuthering.online - suspend (admin posting slurs/hate speech)
artalley.porn - no media (legality issues)
hiveway.net - suspend (the whole organization is a scam)
kpop.social - suspend (harassment, hostility)
mstdn.io - silence (insensitive emoji approved by administration, historically high rate of hostile accounts)
pleroma.rareome.ga - suspend (encourages harassment)
switter.at - silence (multiple reports of unsolicited sexual overtures)
mastodon.acticiel.org - suspend (high rate of spam bots)
freespeechextremist.com - suspend (encourages harassment)
radical.town - suspend (encourages harassment)
gab.com - suspend (hate community under the guise of free speech)
gab.ai - suspend (hate community under the guise of free speech)
pleroma.kiwifarms.net - suspend (encourages harassment)
kiwifarms.cc - suspend (encourages harassment)
qoto.org - suspend (lots of trolls, no moderation)
humblr.social - silence, no media (unmarked NSFW content)