modern programming is less about not reinventing the wheel and more about using a sports car to move firewood across the yard

then you have the Deliberate Limitations niche programming like PICO-8 which are not, as you'd think, like being forced to use a wheelbarrow, but instead are like "what if you moved firewood across the yard with a sports car that has square wheels and the doors are all locked"

@InspectorCaracal doors are locked? Good thing there's no roof! Also, square wheels are good, because you can calculate how far you're moved by counting the number of bumps the car makes as it lands on a new side. The trick is to get all the wheels to stay lined up on an uneven surface, but that's why we have firewood! We can lay that out over the worst of the holes and approximate a flat wooden floor, so it'll be easier to calculate how far the car has moved!

@InspectorCaracal this is why i tend to prefer Real-Ass Homebrew for real retro consoles to stuff like the pico-8. you can squeeze some genuine power out of, say, an SNES or an amiga

@InspectorCaracal alternatively, do what im doing and design your fantasy consoles as though they're actual consoles you could theoretically manufacture (the pocketchip doesn't count)

@InspectorCaracal that's what i'm doing!! from the hardware up. im designing my own cpu architecture and everything, which actually goes a step beyond what a sensible (consumer-hardware-using) console of the era would do, but the point remains i'm designing it as though it's real hardware. which i find way more interesting than "arbitrarily constrained lua environment"

Last time I tried this I bottomed out and got the car high centered

@InspectorCaracal before you can start the sportscar you need to also build a garage for it, but you might need to tear the garage down and rebuild it whenever the state building code changes.

@InspectorCaracal web pages tend to use a C5 galaxy to move a takeout coffee cup.

@sashahamilton I had to look up what a C5 galaxy is but now I'm laughing way too hard

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