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Wrote up some thoughts about my last few weeks on Mastodon! And now I'm tooting about it! gregpak.com/mastodon-monday-so

@gregpak Thanks much, that does a great job of explaning some things I still can't quite get my head around. One that's a sticking point now, used to working with TweetDeck—you can't, say, add a column for an Instance … right?

@BramMeehan Yeah, that would be AWESOME if it were possible, but I don't think there's any interface that allows you to see multiple instances like that yet. Closest I've seen is the Tootdon iOS app, which lets you switch between instances pretty easily. But you can't see 'em on the same page in different columns like that.

Whirling Nerdish @whirlingnerdish

@gregpak @BramMeehan That's something a bit of a bummer I've found--I'd like to look at an instance's local timeline before joining to see how active it is and what the community is like, but all I can seem to find is the federated timeline for instances, which isn't the same.

@whirlingnerdish I guess you could always check out the Kurotodon Chrome extension, which lets you do that..?

@whirlingnerdish @gregpak @BramMeehan it was an intentional decision to show right from the beginning that it is a federation (also small instances look better)